কচু জানো! [Bangla Rhyme]

আমি জানি সব!

কচু জানো, কচু!

করবো সব সম্ভব!

কচু করবে, কচু!

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Emotional Ocean


There in front of me


With no way around

It hits me

Waves of pain and devotion

It's an emotional ocean.


There's a sanctuary outside of my mind

But my mind had me confined

Inside of this rhyme

Running out of time

To find

This peace that I must've left behind.

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Fields of Rhyme

From my knotty pine writing table
Where I always feel strong and able
I have built a world on typing paper
Where I rule mighty as any dictator

I’ve made a comfortable place of it
For all the pages make a very nice fit
Just the right size for each emotion
And now my life has less commotion

I have company hanging on every wall
People young old short fat and tall
Some funny some in love some whine
All are the brush strokes of my mind

I create interesting conversations
And fabricate all sorts of relations
Everyone does exactly as I deem -
Acting out my every written scene

I know each and every person by name
Know addresses and where they remain
I hear every breath - each spoken line
Without me they’ve no voice or design

I have built a world where I am safe
Where I’m boss so can be early or late
Look out the window - see what I want
Or just hang out - and be nonchalant

I’ve worked diligently near every day
Writing down everything I had to say
Planting many colorful fields of rhyme
And generally having a very good time

But as good as things are I must admit
Something is missing for a perfect fit
For what is a writer without readers
Or a prophet without true believers

So I invite you into my literary home
Invite you to visit and to freely roam
Thru the still crisp pages of my mind
I do hope you like what you find

জন্মদিনের উপহার [Bangla Rhyme]

জন্মদিনের উপহার কিনে,

ফিরলাম যখন দিনে,

বৃষ্টিতে ধপাস করে,


গেলাম পুকুরে পড়ে!

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চকলেট চাই! [Bangla Rhyme]

চকলেট চাই, চকলেট!

যদি হয় লেট,

আছে খবর সবার!


চকলেট চাই আবার!

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Arrow [Nursery Rhyme]

An arrow I have thrown,

At a nearby tree,

I wish badly alone,


It may hit the target finally!

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চন্দ্রগ্রহণ [Bangla Rhyme]

চন্দ্রগ্রহণ হলে,

কে চাঁদকে গিলে?

চাঁদ যায় কোথায়?


বলো না আমায়!

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Where is the Cat? [Nursery Rhyme]

Where is the cat?

I want that,

It is so naughty,


It has drunk my tea!

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Legend [Nursery Rhyme]

Legend you will be,

Your future I can see,

I do not tell a lie,


Even you will testify!

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