This is about the three who kept finding themselves up a tree. He thought, if we're busy as a bee I can get a degree and live carefree, while continuing to treat people crappy.


But in life's huge sea they couldn't see the forest for the trees and they remained peewee.He couldn't understand why things kept going awry, life kept giving them a black eye.


Although they were very good at being sly, their well had run dry, they were petrified. Then, they started to foresee life wasn't just about the three, so they made a decree and became devotees.


They kissed the old self goodbye, their life they rectified, it became clear skies.


So if you don't want to be the fall guy, getting high on your own supply, while life is keeping you on stand by. Then you must come to agree. Life is the Queen Bee and if you don't want to stay up a tree. You must realize life is much more than the three. I, My...ME!

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Infinite Love

Season of Love

I gaze upon the light
Seeking the rhythm of your love
Crawling between unspoken words of wisdom
To satisfy the desires of your heart
Though our wavelengths are far apart
The frequency of our love is infinite
Even on spikes and thorns
I pass with integrity
And your eyes shall feed on my love for all eternity.

Gavin Sebake ©11.03.2018

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I was admiring a lovely flower, it was inspiring because of o it's elegant power, it's magnificent design and this is how it was defined in my mind.


Such a lovely flower born of a beautiful but harsh planet, to be empowered not taken for granted.


A gorgeous Rose, splendidly clothed, wonderful wit, bright, sunlit, just plane exquisite.


Decendent of a special seed, revered, envied by haughty weeds, only out to do dirty deeds. By putting on a false face in an attempt to invade your space because your very essence they want to erase and take your place.


They see your physique slender, sleek then notice you're meek so they think you're weak, so to speak.


But through the rain, through the storms even as the buggers swarm they wonder how you are able to remain such a gracious art form


When in full bloom you light up th the entire room and take away the gloom, making the weeds fume but they can only assume.


As your wonderful shades cascade, I must concur they are all different but beautiful colors.


While styling and profiling it's amazing how you keep 'em smiling and the way you react not with unkindness but with tact, I'd say you're quite abstract. 


Which makes the haughty weeds scoff saying you're a bit of a show off. Nevertheless in your glamorous dress you're just picturesque and that's without a doubt but wait a minute, Just who or what am I writing about?


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Reflections come many a kind, yours one way different comes mine. Now when I look in the mirror my image couldn't be clearer but is who I see the true me?


Because we are all are like a two edged sword and the mirror image we see is also us backwards.


So do our image string us along, while making us headstrong and all the time we see ourselves wrong?


You see her name was Affection such a lovely complexion, behold and get an erection but she was very good at rejection, only collecting hearts for hee collection.


She was the main dish elegant, swish but she had a blemish and it was hidden in her mirror image.


Until one day her bubble burst, felt she was under a curse, so for knowledge she started to thirst and found hee reflection was her in reverse.


Then her problem she addresses and she did it with zest, her true self became manifest, she went from stressed to blessed.


So if you're experiencing rejection, people treating you like you have an infection, it could be misdirection.


If you look in the mirror and think I'm too hip, I'm all that and a bag of chips. It may be time to flip the script.


Then if you're feeling rejection and can't seem to make a connection. What is your true Reflection.

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Big Pharma

America's in a real crisis which needs immediate attention even more than Isis. Big Pharma's off the chain with their perception pain killers thought to be life thrillers but turned into life spillers then, just plain killers.


People this is insane and we all need to complain because this has become far bigger than crack cocaine. Nation wide pain and suffering is what they have inflicted they need to be tried and convicted cause it seems they're trying to get the whole country addicted.


Opioid's are a powerful hook and their intentions can easily be overlooked, by the time you realize it your goose is well cooked. They had the doctor's thinking they would do no harm so there was no cause for alarm. Sense they thought everything was dandy, they started to write prescriptions like it was candy.


It was the miracle drug which turned out to be humbug because it was blanketed by distortion until it has reached epidemic proportion. America they are hooking the young and old, selling pills by the truck loads, exactly what is their goal, turning the whole U.S. into their ho's they really need to be exposed.


Because they are constantly pushing their pills and they're not skimping maybe they need to be called Big Pimping. And will Congress address this dig mess Yes. Make no mistake this is for all your sakes, we'll give 'em a bigger tax break.


While assuring us they have advanced in tearing down Obama's nation wide health insurance and the new will be greatly enhanced. But many think we must beware because they are about to throw the whole country into despair when they cut millions of people completely out of health care. WOW, what a scare.


So America it's time to come out of our trance and take a stance say hey Big Pimping let's dance. Lets get off our duffs tell Congress we've had enough and do what it say on our money. In GOD We Trust.Shout it loud, shout it clear, from the streets, the roof tops and even the Church steeple's, shout it so they all can hear WE THE PEOPLE.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This need to be stopped.

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Sailing in a Ship of Fools (song lyrics)

Song Lyrics

Song lyrics for acoustic guitar ( alt C,G,D)

Any given Monday you get outta bed 

Shaving in the shower race a yellow light red

Sitting In an office like a Little plastic egg

Praying to make a living

but The Man isn't giving 

A raise to a guy like youuuuuuuuu

Sailing in a ship of fools

Sailing in a ship of fools

Sailing in a ship of fools


Once upon a time on a little mountain side

There was a little girl who's daddy was alive 

They danced little dances and they played school

Till one day

they cops took him away

For stealing many bags of jewwwwwwwls

Sailing in a ship of fools

Sailing in a ship of fools

Sailing in a ship of fools


There was an old man  every day in the park

Who talked to the pigeons

and people called him stark

Like a loooooooooooooon....

But what they really didn't didn't know

The mans a war hero

shot  five times 

To keep alive

his platoooooooon....

Sailing in a ship of fools 

Sailing In a ship of fools



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Supertramp Blues (song lyrics/electric guitar

Song Lyrics

If you find yourself walking 


These same old crooked streets


the same old crooked dreams 


A mind that won't keep still


All you can feel is boots upon the road


not in a hurry to say that it's home 


You're so far away but everything's close


Your pocket watch broken but it never shows

When all you have is 

You're clothes in a sack 

 you're guitar on your back 

Following the tracks out of town 


You're clothes in a sack

You're guitar on your back

Making tracks out of town


I just might 


I might come back

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Live, Love, Laugh!

Haqueian Verse


Love, laugh!


Be kind and good,

Spread peace,



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A Good Day

First thing in the morn, blow your horn, giving thanks for another blessed day, then smile and be on your way. Ask for guidance if your skies are gray and be a blessing for someone in dismay.


Because sad is bad if you let it get you down you've been had. It's all up to you. So don't let the bad choose or you loose and if things are not clear let The Lord steer, you'll be filled with cheer.


Then do something good like volunteer. Now you might work up a blister but it's well worth helping your sister. It could even be a bit painful however, you could be helping an Angle, who's undercover posing as your brother.


Now we all need help as quietly as it's kept, once this we accept we can keep from becoming inept. After you've completed your quest you can stick out your chest, you know you've done your best, you've been truly blessed.


Then you'll have leeway to look to the sky and say Hey, the making of a good day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Have a good bay

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