Children And Lambs, All Ways And Always

Short Poems



Children And Lambs

The lambs are shorn before they are shiv'd

Soldier children have died before they have lived


Each Way And Always

God bless you each way and all ways

God give you a painless path each day and all days

God give you joy each way and always

God give you all always and all ways



Isaiah: I delight not in your blood sacrifice.

Isaiah: He who slays an ox is as he who kills a man.


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Haqueian Verse


Is the day,

The best,

You have to,



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Surely Today

Today is the day

If not today,

then perhaps tomorrow?

But I know that today,

today I will fall in love.

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The Sun Rises


The sun rises

A puppeteer to the world

Allowing us to brighten ourselves

With itself, brilliant

The air lifting

A thieving sensation of sorrows

Allowing us to unwind

Unbind; resilience

The day faring

A warrior of progressive pleasure

Allowing us to dream

Supreme tomorrows

I was thinking of you today 2015

i was thinking of you today 2015



i was thinking of you today and missing the smile you held for me to see


the way you always held me when i cried was worth its wieght in gold to me


i was thinking of you today and thinking of all those times you gave me courage


you've told me of those days gone by and those memories of a timeless age


i was thinking of you today and my mind went back to when you went away


god took you from my life too soon and i begged for him to let you stay


i was thinking of you today and thought of all the sacrafices that you've made


one for your country and one for the lord and one for us that would never fade


i was thinking of you today and remembered the endless love you gave


and i wish i could hold you once again the love you gave us is what i crave


i was thinking of you today and know in heaven you'll never go away


lately im missing you so much that it had me thinking of you today




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i was being nostalgic and missing my parents this ones for them



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living for today! 2015

living for today 2015


my past has demons and they're circling my head

like vultures in the sky that circle the dead

i cant see my future because i dont have a way

to forget about my past and start living for today

how can one let go of a past so cruel and unfair

it's like asking the lion not to drag you to his lair

i'm still damaged by my past and i'll never be ok

how can i forget my troubles and start living for today

yesturday is gone but its still here in the present

those demons have settled in and made me totally bent

but someday someone will stand by me and say

we'll help you forget so you can start living for today




Author's Notes/Comments: 

   I wrote this one because i am having a hard time letting go of my past but im working on it hope you all like it


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*Treat Today Like There Was No Tomorrow*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Live your life there is no time for sorrow

Is what I use to tell myself to believe

But then I realized I have little time to borrow

As God will always protect me

So I can live another day

So I can be here tomorrow

So I can live my life free

And each night I pray

To the lord above

To protect those That live so far

To whisper "I'll be okay" to those I love

Because we share the same sky

The same star

Let them know I have a long time before I die


Don't get lazy with yourself

For one day when God wants us

We will eventually have to die

And the angels will lead the way with no fuss

The ones left behind can do nothing but cry

So this I do say

Treat today like there was no tomorrow

Because you never know

When your time may come your way

And that bright warming light

It will show 

Gods angels in sight 


First thing to go is your sight

Then you frightly gasp for air

As forever will be night

And even though you past

People will always reunite and care

Because the feeling is still there 

It will always last 


So when you are here on earth alive

Your goals 

Go for it don't let it pass you by

Because you could be the next to drop

And your unfinished business

It won't get done....right there it'll stop

The things you wished you've done

Your chance for that you'll miss

Because now God with your soul he has won

So before you're a distant memory

In a persons mind

And your name is put on a stone

Treat your life so kind


Be gentle be kind

Love those you secretly love

Before they are left alone

Because you're on your way to God above

Treat today 

With respect

And thank God your alive another day

Because you may no longer be here tomorrow

You just realized that time you had

You no longer can borrow

It's really not that bad

Remember live your life like it's your last

Because before you know it 

You'll end up one day in the past

And a candle will be above your grave lit



Careful who you hurt today! 2015

careful who you hurt today 2015


careful who you hurt today when tomorow you'll end up alone

you think that they will be here when you call them on the phone

then one day you realize they have gone with out a sound

when your left there all alone and they cannot be found

you've taken them for granted theres nothing you can do

careful who you hurt today tomorow is no promise

life is what you make of it you will not get a reprise

they have stood by you for what seems like an eternity

but all you did is hurt them with your hatefulness and misery

so much so they ran away and you'll realise there gone

carefull who you hurt today cuz you'll be all alone

what you wanted all along was ruined by your ways

and then you'll feel like you're trapped all with in a maze

so please be kind and compromise and then you will see

they will stick by you and you will know just how its supposed to be




Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem i wrote because im struggling to keep my head above water because things in my life are making me feel like im trapped with in a maze and theres no way out but im a work in progress, i just wanted to share, hope you like it?


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We Like to Shout

Today is another day!

Another day to laugh and play!

We like to shout "Hurray, hurray!"

Whilst we sing and dance the night away!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A happi chant.

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