A hand full of air

Something stirring 

A cautious hover 

Over a breaking smile 

gratitude spills 

tumbling over the reverently held ether 

life lives here, moistened with 

Blood, sweat, Tears and rain 

Every fall a rise 

Like the breath of providence 

A dip left 

A twist right 

the rhythm of life inspires dance,

Poetry, art, music and song  

Like air slipping over chords

Sacred Verbage 


Your hands are never empty 

There is no void, 

There is only the appearance of nothing 

Which by the mere thought is even something 

So grab on tight!

Even when it seems there is no thing

it really is something, isn't it? 

Oh what we see, be and do when nothing is impossible! 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes, yes you can! 

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An Armchair Theologian

I believe! I Believe! Lord, help my unbelief

I believe, I believe, my constant motif

I believe but don't grow

And my faith doesn't show

Because I can't be bothered to “do”


I know faith is given, not earned

Yet here I sit unconcerned 

I'm given to resting 

When I should be testing

To see that my faith is real


“You shall know them by their fruits”

But seeds planted on stones don't have roots

My apathy grows

So nobody knows

That I don't follow what I believe


The path down below is a slope

So gradual and smooth that you hope

It stays just the same

Like a current so tame

But leads to a waterfall


I'm not living, or learning

I'm sitting and burning

Lord I want to live

But not if I give

My time or my life

My comfort for strife

Is there an easier way?


You said believe and I shall be clean

Believe, and come home again

But how can I start

If only my heart

Wasn't an armchair theologian

We Dance


They say. “you’ve got nothing to give, if you give yourself nothing”

That’s the point of it.

There’s really nothing.

We are neither here, nor there.

There’s really no one.

We’re all just electrical expressions of life

Moving in time space

Breathing in air

Buckets of water

Cataclysms of emotion

Which is why I still care

Why I still want to show you…

every peace of me

I still want to give myself to you…


I still want to know you

with every moment that I breathe


You are who I am to be

You are who I choose

You are the one, the only one

You, my divinity, are the truth in me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Follow your intuition.

In contrasts to your darkness and light is your will to live



From the coals of sacred texts, brought fouth from ancient whispers of a circle of unbroken time, dipping and acendinding its change state, as the one constant in unending continuity. Therein lies a simple truth, corrupted with gentle persuasion. 


The state of being, the being of state and status of beings. 

There are three main laws for us to purview and avail here and now, or in past and future possibility. There is one rule that seperates, yet, reconsiles and is master of all truth; ugly or beautiful it renders life in death, death  into life and life into death. 


to live evil live to  - live.d.evil

to Evo L ovE to 


The cycle that never alters its identity making Its mood known in all forms and states; the All as in the We collective; and as the I; AGAPI, the known mystery of presiding over both and the first of the third.


Go.d  and evil.


Live with the hidden truth in plain sight. Felt  with intense realness,  hidden in semantics of languages  long lost and forgotten,  but none is needed to unless seeking to corrupt the incorruptible what is known and fails in explanation.


For  this very reason,  the logic of AGAPI (love) in all its moods, colours, ugliness and beauty fail to be described. And still, the poets' pride tries in vain to capture the whole.  Ever so often though, glimpses resonate and we can see a temporal portal with the promise of the indescribable known.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

For the few temporal and literal scholars here who might find something of interest here. Blessings and Hugss 

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The streets are clean 

But only by the street sweeper

Our hearts are open 

But only for the surgeon 

Our minds are sponges 

But only for social media 

Our passions are set for justice 

But only for the social warriors 

9 rules of temperament 





Self -control 






10 perfect laws tempered with mercy 

Is all we need 

To create a world really worth living in. 


I wish you could see it with me instead of against me.

We are the same but our eyes see differenly.

I love you.

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   If I'm the one who's chosen/ why isn't my path golden, haven't talked to god i a minute/ maybe that's why I' suspended/ maybe that's why they're offended 


My fater gave me this rage/ turned me into a spirit who doesn't need sage to hide from the flames/ now I'm in reality questioning mentality/ mixed feelings like I'm a disorder/ product of society such a disorder/ I was declared prophet but i see no profit/ all my knwledge has me hostage/ memories have me trapped but it's mapped, I collaged it  

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Discovering the Holy Spirit in Me




Oh, what a revelation!

Jesus’ gifts are not from this earth.

They are an

uncontrollable quintessence

that radiates into my soul.

God’s love dresses my mind

with golden skyscrapers

that pierce His heavens.

There is no need to own things in His home.

I look deeper into His treasures

and see what I need.

Spiritual waters—the Holy Spirit—take me to Him.

Gold has no value in heaven,

nor do diamonds.

They are just trinkets that sparkle.




and His presence are what’s there.

My mind cannot confirm this,

only my Faith accepts what’s there.

There is no need for words.

There is no need for thoughts.



and spiritual gifts are there,

and I have just arrived.












Author's Notes/Comments: 

From my book, entering the Holy Spirit.

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Psalm 63:4


PSALM  63:4*


     To praise You as long as I live

     is my unfolding path of eternal love.

     To do something forever

     shows loyalty, faithfulness, character,

     patience, endurance, respect, truth,

     and todah**—the lifting of hands—

     gives praise and worship to Jesus.

     He is worthy.

     Everything I offer Him

     is nothing in comparison

     to what He does for me.

     He hears if I praise Him.

     He sees if I worship Him.

     Praying and worshipping are my true gifts to Him.

     Do I bring Him into my life?

Will I pass His test?

Will I sanctify Him forever?

Will I be at His side?

Will I pray?
Will todah be part of my life?

     There are Divine gifts,

     rewards, and miracles

     that only God can give.

     Do I notice these gifts when they occur,

     or is it my doings that make them happen?

     Is God’s existence self-begot or not?

     Is death ending or not?

     Jesus is here for many reasons.

     How do I honor Him?


       *I will praise You as long as I live
       and in Your name I will lift up my hands.


       **Hebrew for an extension of the hand.

       A choir of worshippers.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

From my book of poetry, entering the Holy Spirit.

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The Dao: The Way

I once said "love does not exist"

I was wrong and doubtful of what

we are,


We can love, because we are love,

out of love we were created by him

who loves us the most


Each one of us struggles every day,

it is hard not to be hateful of everything,

to single out particular things for our problems,


But we can choose to think differently,

we can choose to believe in meaning,

to treat others like actual human beings


Without love there is no meaning,

because love is meaning,

hate is the destruction of that meaning


Without him, we are just empty shells,

just nihillists, going through the motions

with no real understanding for why we 

should even be alive.


Look around you, do you not feel the hate?

do you not feel the suffering? These impressions

on our consciousness, can we not change this?

Why should we give in so easily? why not resist

this evil and show strength?


Without him, there is no evil, there is no good,

no spiritual bases for why things happen the

way they happen, it  all seems so absurd.


It is easy to give in to egoism, moral relativism, etc

because you feel like nothing matters anyways,

so why not just live life as you choose? 

"Do what thou will shall be the whole of the law"


When you take your head out of the sand

and stop ignoring the negative force, you can actually see how it has

taken control of your very life,  how the devil has gained a strong foot hold


All because of doubt, and the lack of will do what is necessary,

so much easier it is to give in to the parasitic influence of the world,


He becomes your god,

you just don't realize it until its too late.


 All that doubt sucks at your being like a leech,

you feel dead inside,

you feel hopeless, in the darkest hole of dispair,

all because you think it doesn't matter


The evil is there, so acknowledge it and exorcise it from yourself,

pray to christ to expel the parasite from your system,

cleanse the negative energy,

fill your heart with love and  always keep on your guard for hate


Or otherwise continue to be a slave to him who controls the world,

only the son of man can help you transcend this material mockery;

he is your key and your  door, surrender yourself and stop trying to find

another way, because there is no other way but through him.


He is "the way though truth and the light"

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