Mercury in Van Gogh Skies



Mercury is a speed demon on an ego trip;
young and stupid with only the eyes of heaven to bring us back


You told me my gaze held the stars, but

I don't remember
pulling the constellations into my irises. You were the one

to hand me the flowers

and announced that you had picked them yourself,

          Instant gratification isn't fast enough. Maybe

we could have slowed it down a bit; let me meet the night

and feel its velvet sweetness
across my breasts like warm bath water,

like the gulf at the first touch of summer. I can smell the salt.
I can smell the sulfur.
With you
I tasted the slow rot in the bottom of an eroded season’s

grave and found it sweeter than the last drops of wine you brought

when you showed up at my door. It was enough
to trade my stars
for sleepless nights under Van Gogh skies.

I would have traded anything.

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Do we have to count the stars? 
Or can we merely dance beneath them?

Numerical representation of such beauty
taints them just a tad,

     don’t you think? About forever

and a day ago when Orthodox traditions were left by the roadside

to fade like the candy-apple firebird

you left under the Florida sun; dissolved

like morning dew on the pavement of my mother’s driveway

where I stood leaning on the gate. I listened for the storm

of that engine to take me away;

for a little while, at least. You pressed your forehead to mine
     reality is not meant for people like us.

So we compensated with jagged half-moons

and traveled through time-lapsed sun movements

across the same manicured lawns and

highways that led to the threat of

vacant tomorrows. They unfurled before us

like cereus cactus flowers at night, like roadkill at dawn. We opened

then; eyes wide, stretching out our limbs like stars,

gathering the dreams we almost let die from between blades

of grass. Perhaps
tonight will would enter the constellations. Perhaps
tomorrow we will come down.




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little toy cars


little toy cars.

if I pick them up

can I find you?

my weight sinks to earth

as I leave it.

funny how

it is here I am grounded.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/31/19

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Une jeune tête brune, rêveuse

Monte son regard tendre vers les cieux

Elle observe la lune gibbeuse 

Et des étoiles briller le feu 


Il apperçoit au loin Neptune 

Paleur bleutée au milieu des diamants

Bijoux vacillants de leur mère la lune 

Eclairant faiblement les fossés et les champs


Ou repose le roi de la nuit 

D'où dorénavent il ne saurait descendre 

Balayées par le vent s'en vont ses cendres.

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Alone, yet by my side, Forever

The Art Of Sight

I sit here 




On the edge of this precipice


Basking in sky.


The sky is as ocean


Teeming with schooling stars


Ever faithful scholars.


The wind whips 


It holds silver whisps


Each breath is full of their singing.


A lone tree envelopes me


In leaf shadow shape


It's branches shiver against the sky.


The earth grumbles


Mayhaps a day till final crumble


Mayhaps to deliver me to death's sweet arms


As i sit here




On the edge of my forever

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Hold The Sky

The trees reach their arms


The grass it's flimsy spears


The rocks hold firm


The oceans anchor it


And the clouds buoy 


And i


Stand beside


Raise my own arms


And cradle-hold


The sky

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Can a Kipper...

Can a kipper eat a prune,

As pigs fly to the moon?

And if elephants in the sky,

Were to eat a lattice pie,


Would we all be here till June?

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Summer of Love (song lyrics/acoustic guitar)

Song Lyrics


*acoustic guitar*(capo 2nd fret_Em_A_D)
Your music fills my heart like a symphony
Your kiss intoxicating like wine
   the fire of passion is burning
burning bright in your eyes.
  Run away with me baby
We could live ocean side
And sleep underneath the moonlight baby
you and i ..
my hippie gypsie baby 
Like the summer of 1969
ocean swimming naked at midnight
and afterwards by the fire
Listening to all the blue waves crashing
Looking up at the sky
Waking up in the sun bleached sand, baby...
Peace and Love in Paradise
Peace and love is Paradise
Youre love is my Paradise
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Other chord progessions are interchangeable.....just improvise.

Tempo is interchangeable....

   Strum pattern would be  d-d-d-u-d.....d-u-u-u-d

Or alternating  with a finger-pick  here and there. 


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The Clear, Painted Sky!

The clear and painted sky,

Is flying like a bird so high,

Alas! Out of the blue,

The sky is painted again with a dark hue!


Yes, it is the cloud, gloomy,

That has made the painted sky dirty,

At that every moment wish I,

For the swift return of the lucid sky.


While the tedious sky is also stunning in its own way,

The painting-like sky must recur as my heart does pray.

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