Monthly Archive for October 2015

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You Poem Urban 2 #influence #art #think Oct 15th
Reminiscences Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 15th
The Presence Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 15th
Mom Poem Love2write Oct 15th
Breadcrumbs and Feeling Numb Poem Chadical 1 Oct 15th
Departure Of A Late Train Poem Starward Oct 15th
raggady anne Poem holiday87 Oct 15th
Stone wall Poem Morningglory 2 Oct 15th
a killers instinct Poem dropstep 3 Oct 15th
Waiting for Superman [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 15th
Flute [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 15th
The Beautiful Girl in Red Poem KingofWords Beauty Oct 15th
Liar Poem KingofWords 2 liar Oct 15th
I want to Discover You Poem KingofWords love Oct 15th
She Broke the Promise Poem KingofWords promise Oct 15th
Jealous Poem KindredSpirit Oct 15th
Sing Poem allets Oct 15th
দেশের তরে [Bangla Song] Poem KingofWords Song Oct 15th
ছাগল! [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 15th
সার্কাস! [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 15th
Flying with the Cloud! [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 15th
O Burning Sun! [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 15th
লাল পরী! Poem KingofWords পরী Oct 15th
5 Paragraph Personal Narrative Essay... Poem CreativeWriterE #suicide #emotional #blood #drowned #pills Oct 15th
ouch... Poem bolt 1 Oct 15th
One For All, and All...for Poem giajl Oct 15th
And how does the truth taste Poem silver Oct 15th
I just don't understand Poem silver Oct 15th
cycling through may Poem rose 1 Oct 15th
Wick Poem joshomac 1 Oct 15th
Who Are We in the End? Poem deepinyourdreams Who Are we in the End? Oct 15th
Мир. Poem DeffAngell Oct 15th
Together As One Poem KindredSpirit Oct 15th
I pretend Poem mrpoofs Oct 15th
Blood stays on the blade Poem mrpoofs 5 Oct 15th
Wedding Day Prose Love2write Daughters Oct 15th
The unhappy couple Prose hedjri Oct 15th
The Vampire of Pen Station Poem xxplict_poet Vampires Oct 16th
In The Darkness Guns Roared once Poem giajl 1 Oct 16th
Second Edition. Sound and Sense. An Introduction to Poetry. Laurence Perrine. Poem Shandiin96 But Greatly Appreciated, Not My, poem Oct 16th
Alone I Muse....7 of 9.... Just Poem giajl Oct 16th
Burning Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 16th
Integrity At Large Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 16th
كلمه حائره Poem asaihati Oct 16th
تلحف الزهر Poem asaihati Oct 16th
Severed ties Poem silver Oct 16th
HANGING Poem xnargocougatt 1 BY A THREAD Oct 16th
the man who nobodyknows Poem xnargocougatt xnargocougatt Oct 16th
I am not I Poem xnargocougatt # identity Oct 16th
খরগোশ [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 16th
স্বপ্ন [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 16th
I am not I Poem xnargocougatt # identity Oct 16th
chrysalis Poem and_hera_met_zeus 12 Oct 16th
ধন্যবাদ তোমায় Poem KingofWords ধন্যবাদ Oct 16th
Slowing pace Poem silver Oct 16th
My Battle, My Story Poem rblack952 Oct 16th
কোথায় তুমি? Poem KingofWords কোথায় Oct 16th
Tongue of Glass! Poem KingofWords tongue Oct 16th
Storms of Frost and Ice Poem rblack952 Oct 16th
Gardening [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 16th
A Helpless Ant [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 16th
All For Her Poem jackabite Oct 16th
Salt Laden Drops Poem jgupta heart, missing, sorrow Oct 16th
The Fall Poem jgupta autumn, Fall, Season Oct 16th
The Wreckoning Poem deepinyourdreams The Wreckoning Oct 16th
The universe is waiting - (Scribble naughts and wound theories). Poem SSmoothie 5 #Soulmate #soultheories #romance #higherlove #karmiclessons Oct 16th
After Burn Prose sarahgxoxo #heartbreak #long distance #love #separated #breakup #pain #lonely #depressed Oct 16th
Useless love travels less lightly than previously thought. Poem SSmoothie 4 Useless love travels less lightly than previously thought. Oct 17th
Ineffable Poem KindredSpirit 5 Oct 17th
saving you from myself Poem holiday87 Oct 17th
Ailing to Oblivion Poem ItsJerlMay #pain #hurt #love #failure Oct 17th
The Giant Keeps a Diary Poem Chadical 1 Oct 17th
Healed Landscape Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 17th
Spotted In Glass Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 17th
past is past Poem holiday87 Oct 17th
opposites attract Poem holiday87 Oct 17th
clay babies Poem holiday87 Oct 17th
Have you? Poem silver Oct 17th
My voice is Lost,no longer will I Poem giajl Oct 17th
Sonnet No.1 Poem jonfeb Oct 17th
Strange Yet Genuine Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 17th
Why Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 17th
Your Own Greatest Victim Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 17th
Tattered Poem Morningglory 4 Oct 17th
I need some please Poem silver Oct 17th
Run Poem not_an_addict Oct 17th
KS Poem KindredSpirit 5 Oct 17th
Едно. Poem DeffAngell Oct 17th
A wolf and a fox Poem DeffAngell Oct 17th
. Poem DeffAngell Oct 17th
Us. Poem DeffAngell Oct 17th
Her deathless... Poem DeffAngell Oct 17th
Imagine Poem DeffAngell Oct 17th
Death. Poem DeffAngell 2 Oct 17th
Cold feet Seek..... Poem giajl Oct 17th
Death Poem Joe Oct 17th
Another Girl. Poem not_an_addict 1 Oct 17th
I Can't, Tell You, I Love You, I'm Poem giajl Oct 17th
Bloody Smile Poem mrpoofs Oct 17th
Shadowlark Poem mrpoofs Oct 17th
Mama Prose Love2write Angel Heaven Above Love Oct 17th
Pity the man Poem not_an_addict 1 Oct 18th
Because work is full of self-serving fuckwits! Poem SSmoothie 8 Oct 18th
Straight from my heart........ Poem Dileka love Oct 18th
Moonlight a fading dream Poem Moonfades #lost love Oct 18th
Darkness arrives Poem Moonfades #dream #nightmares Oct 18th
Revved Up Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgivness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #poetry love Oct 18th
Dancing On Leash Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 18th
Empty Shell Poem Moonfades 1 loss Oct 18th
attribution error Poem and_hera_met_zeus 10 Oct 18th
Im dead now Poem br007k Oct 18th
Dreaming of you Poem PersistentLassie #love#persistence#youandme Oct 18th
A Place Like Death Poem dropstep Oct 18th
Eye for eye. Poem DeadRoses # addiction #hurt #betrayal # disappointment# life # heart # truth # suffering # sadness # pain # happiness # empty # mistakes # fate # time # difference # madness # theone # learninglove #dreams # poetry # longing #prison # chained # renewal # survivo Oct 18th
The Night and Wolf Poem MajesticDravon Oct 18th
Broken worn as a Crown Poem MajesticDravon 2 Oct 18th
Burned bridges Poem borbug 1 # fear # fright # afraid # darkness # the # loss # hope, lost, lost hope Oct 18th
Light spark Poem borbug 2 Oct 18th
me Poem br007k Oct 18th
Hey There Poem beccaloni condescending Oct 18th
My Worn Out Mind Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Oct 18th
Wake Up (It's The Only Chance We Got) Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 18th
Bad Boys Poem not_an_addict 2 Oct 18th
পর্দার আড়ালে তুমি Poem KingofWords তুমি Oct 18th
Imagine A World Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 18th
Stop Regretting, Start Living Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 18th
Society Is What We See Right Through Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 18th
12:05 AM Poem ksdw Reflection, sadness, smoking, struggle, thinking Oct 18th
ভিটামিন [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 18th
জলে কুমির ডাঙায় বাঘ! [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 18th
Sticks & Stones Poem mack619 Children, Memories, War Oct 18th
পরিবর্তন Poem KingofWords পরিবর্তন Oct 18th
Your Voice Touches My Heart Poem KingofWords voice Oct 18th
YOU Poem KingofWords search Oct 18th
Stop! [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 18th
Run, Run, Run! [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 18th
i am not who i am Poem rose Oct 18th
Blast Beats Poem mrpoofs Oct 18th
Would my Dreams tire, now I've Poem giajl Oct 18th
Lies in my mind Prose DeadRoses # #betrayal #life #forgivness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #poetry #broken, emo Oct 18th
A Sweetness that's in Poem giajl Oct 19th
A Sweetness that's in Poem giajl Oct 19th
Underneath Poem PeteDrums Oct 19th
My Reaction Poem RomeonJuliet113 Oct 19th
For Anything Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 19th
Splendor Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 19th
احدثها Poem asaihati Oct 19th
One of a million and 23 reasons Poem Morningglory Oct 19th
Uplifting gem Poem borbug # love # hope # romance # relationships #personal, love Oct 19th
Prize Poem borbug Oct 19th
No hiss Poem borbug Oct 19th
Your loving Reminder Poem PersistentLassie #motivate#reminding#apartnerswords#natural Oct 19th
Oh yeah, I'm still gonna ramble Poem Morningglory Oct 19th
The Mugumo Tree at Chania Poem meso 2 Oct 19th
Reliving the past Poem dropstep 1 Oct 19th
সাহিত্যে নোবেলজয়ী সোয়েতলানা অ্যালেক্সিয়েভিচ (সাক্ষাৎকার) Poem shawon1982 Oct 19th
দশের লাঠি একের বোঝা [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 19th
কাঠের ঘোড়া [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 19th
কবির আক্ষেপ Poem KingofWords আক্ষেপ Oct 19th
Pain from your Lover Cheating on You Poem RomeonJuliet113 Oct 19th
Cold as the Frost Poem RomeonJuliet113 Oct 19th
This Is A Poem Poem ashaumyan #poem #mystical #inspirational Oct 19th
The Ones He Runs For Poem gadgetmaxed99 2 Free Verse Poem For My Creative Writing Class Oct 19th
CAB Poem chris 1 Oct 19th
Praise Jehovah Poem randyjohnson 1 Oct 20th
Always Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 20th
Always Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 20th
Don’t Throw The Bomb Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 20th
Don’t Throw The Bomb Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 20th
Don’t Throw The Bomb Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 20th
bermain judi bola di Sbobet merasa sangat puas Poem sbobetibcbet judi bola Oct 20th
Drunken Nights.... Poem giajl Oct 20th
I'll Feel No More, when... Poem giajl Oct 20th
How Do I Poem PersistentLassie #anxiety#problem#thoughts#fear#outlook#hell Oct 20th
Behind the iris Poem Morningglory 4 Oct 20th
Must be Love Poem RomeonJuliet113 Oct 20th
Wrestling the Undertaker Poem MajesticDravon 2 Oct 20th
I once Knew, I was afflicted Poem giajl Oct 20th
Stand Up And Wake Up Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 20th
Priorities Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 20th
Bringing Flowers Poem Shine_dark 2 Oct 20th
Bullshitters and Liars Poem KindredSpirit 5 Oct 20th
Don't Think You Know Poem MilMan #Love #Life #Live # Learn Oct 20th
Autumn Love Song Poem allets Oct 20th
The Maiden in the Minds Eye Poem rblack952 Oct 20th
Relief for Nemaway Poem rblack952 Oct 20th
Sanctuary Poem rblack952 Oct 20th
I Feel Poem rblack952 Oct 20th
Never Known Poem rblack952 Oct 20th
Despair... Poem giajl Oct 20th
Desire itself Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 20th
I think I was Sartre in a past life Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 20th
Perhaps I was also Kierkegaard Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 20th
Monday the 10 of some month in 2014 Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Oct 20th
What I Think & What I Am Poem Kodom Oct 20th
The reason I touched my phone during dinner Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 20th
The Science of Self Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 20th
The Steps to Understanding Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 20th
The world is bigger than a poorly built poetry slam Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 20th
In Bad Faith Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 20th
Wanting Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 20th
Darel Dean Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 20th
Love On The Inside Poem allets 2 Oct 20th
Abuse is a learned behaviour Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 20th
Lessons on anguish and anxiety Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 20th
When love fades… Poem running_with_rabbits 10 Oct 20th
Love is what it is.... Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 20th
2006 Poem running_with_rabbits 8 Oct 20th
Damn you liner time... Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 20th
Prologue: The Korean Liberation Poem MissSaigon Oct 20th
A Splash of Colour.... Poem giajl Oct 20th
Theyre watching Poem mrpoofs 2 Oct 20th
Hum Poem LilLouHoo breath, heartbeat, love, wind Oct 20th
Moordor's Kingdom Prose deepinyourdreams Moordor's Kingdom....Halloween Tale Oct 20th
The Inability to Speak, meant Poem giajl Oct 21st
Fall Poem Addie.c Oct 21st
Molded Poem Addie.c Oct 21st
wonder at the natural world Poem Addie.c Oct 21st
In the dark Poem Addie.c Oct 21st
All We Are Poem life_used_to_be... 13 Oct 21st
Something I Hate Poem KindredSpirit 4 Oct 21st
Autumn's Arrival Poem poetry_freak Oct 21st
لا تكاب Poem asaihati Oct 21st
Shiny MetAl Poem poetry_freak 1 Oct 21st
Steady Plank Poem poetry_freak Oct 21st
Squeekz Poem poetry_freak Oct 21st
Drink Poem poetry_freak Oct 21st
You and Me Poem word_man 4 Oct 21st
Haunted Poem poetry_freak Oct 21st
Fear Not Poem poetry_freak Oct 21st
All I Gave Poem poetry_freak Oct 21st
States of Threaded Matter Poem poetry_freak Oct 21st
Jutted Edge Poem poetry_freak Jutted Edge Oct 21st
Rusty Spear Poem poetry_freak Oct 21st
Forks and Spoons Poem poetry_freak Oct 21st
On The Gallows Poem satishverma 1 # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 21st
On The Gallows Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 21st
Peace Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 21st
The Paranoia Poem MissSaigon 3 Oct 21st
This Freedom Poem MissSaigon 4 Oct 21st
The other story of Alice in wonderland Poem hedjri Oct 21st
I'll Feel No More, when... Poem giajl Oct 21st
Sacrificial Poem Morningglory 2 Oct 21st
Headphones On (Let The Learning Begin) Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 21st
Durga Puja Poem allets Oct 21st
World News Poem allets Oct 21st
Ok im pissed and will be removing my work Poem SSmoothie 12 Oct 21st
Sashay Poem allets Oct 21st
Twiggy Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 21st
Umbrella Poem comeni Dark, death, Heroic, Metaphor, mundane Oct 21st