Monthly Archive for October 2015

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PAGED REDEMPTION Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 7th
THRIVING BENEATH THE WHITHER Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 7th
X-Men Poem allets 2 Oct 7th
PAPAL VISIT Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 7th
What It Is Poem allets 5 Oct 7th
I cut my hair Prose Maria 2 Oct 7th
PITIFUL COHORT Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 8th
Outside Alone Poem pugajenni1234 1 Oct 8th
Didactic it .... Poem giajl Oct 8th
In Selfish Vein Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 8th
In Selfish Vein Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 8th
Plasma Floats Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 8th
Plasma Floats Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 8th
Plasma Floats Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 8th
a good person Poem holiday87 Oct 8th
As I think of you Poem CreativeWriterE 2 love Oct 8th
fear Poem holiday87 1 Oct 8th
Lost Yet Free, In The Shadows I Find Me Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 8th
Chaos And Madness, Welcome To My Darkness Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 8th
The Fall No Longer Meant For Me Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 8th
Inner Warrior Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 8th
Wake Up Society (No More Excuses) Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Oct 8th
The Fragility of the Rosetree Poem douggie211 Oct 8th
Should I Poem Morningglory 1 Oct 8th
How could I help if I'm judging myself for self indulgence? Poem Morningglory 3 Oct 8th
আগুন [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 8th
আজব স্বপ্ন! [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 8th
Cardinal and it's prey Poem RomeonJuliet113 Oct 8th
Jealous of anyone's love Poem RomeonJuliet113 Oct 8th
The tree and me Poem RomeonJuliet113 Oct 8th
Slap Bass Poem mrpoofs Oct 8th
Vulcan Poem mrpoofs 1 Oct 8th
Stitch in my side Poem mrpoofs 2 Oct 8th
Secret Secret Poem RomeonJuliet113 Oct 8th
Fate and the Devil conspire, it's Poem giajl Oct 9th
Untitled Poem xxplict_poet 2 spiritual Oct 9th
Life Poem pugajenni1234 Oct 9th
Footnote: Cosmic Theology Poem Starward Oct 9th
The real monsters are out there... Poem WriteMeBackToLife 1 Oct 9th
chasing... Poem K.D 1 Oct 9th
Toxic Parents Poem rozethorn22 Oct 9th
Watching...Waiting Poem Wolfy 1 # Friends # happiness # goodbye # laughter # tears # sadness # future # hope # past # jokes # fun # light # regrets # acting # memories # movies # time # party # suffering Oct 9th
কে তুমি? Poem KingofWords কে? Oct 9th
দিন যত যায় ঝরে, ভালোবাসা তত বাড়ে! Poem KingofWords ভালোবাসা Oct 9th
উটের পীঠে পাখী [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords 2 Rhyme Oct 9th
মাছি মারা! [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 9th
ode to misery Poem absolem 2 Oct 9th
A Bike Ride with Dad! [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 9th
Lilith Waits Poem rayjones spooky vampire poem Oct 9th
Shh! The Lion is Sleeping! [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 9th
The Lark. Poem sweetwater 2 Oct 9th
Sara to Jesse <3 Poem Saraserafini Oct 9th
If You Gave Him To Me. Poem sweetwater 2 Oct 9th
Daddy's Girl Poem rayjones Oct 9th
Protocol ...... Poem giajl Oct 9th
Essence Of Love Poem nairat 1 # A # B # C # true # love Oct 9th
I Dreamed a Little Dream... Poem giajl 1 Oct 9th
انظري Poem asaihati Oct 9th
بين الجموع رايتك Poem asaihati Oct 9th
حان الرحيل Poem asaihati Oct 9th
عهدت الشاطي Poem asaihati Oct 9th
What If For Once Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 9th
I Wish...! Poem KingofWords Wish Oct 9th
The Distance Between Us Poem Carcass 5 Oct 9th
The Same Stunning Beauty Poem KingofWords 2 Beauty Oct 9th
Like Fireflies Poem SSmoothie 1 Oct 9th
Alive Poem joshomac Oct 9th
Angel Mist Poem simpleromantic admiration, secret crush Oct 9th
Written in Stone Prose deepinyourdreams 1 Written in Stone Oct 9th
Coming out the shell Prose CreativeWriterE Emotinal, love Oct 9th
regret Poem JulxeMadxson 2 #love #sad #heartbroken #depressing #depression #heartbreak #deep #meaningful Oct 10th
one princes with two sides Poem katpatmc1518 Oct 10th
my island of friends Poem katpatmc1518 Oct 10th
in daytime you have no fears, in night you have fears Poem katpatmc1518 Oct 10th
Ghost Town Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgivness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #poetry love Oct 10th
Adding To Woes Poem satishverma 1 # #betrayal #life #forgivness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #poetry love Oct 10th
Alexander Nimos Poem 1 Poem AlexanderNimos alexander, Alexander Nimos, Creative Writing, Ezra Pound, Kahlil Gibran, Langston Hughes, love, mind, My Naked Mind, naked, naked mind, nimos, POETRY, Poets, relationship, rmdrk, Robert M Drake, sex, Simon Alexander Breedon, Simon Breedon, sylvia plath, Toni Morrison Oct 10th
Parting Note Poem allets 2 Oct 10th
A stellar parting Poem SSmoothie 2 Oct 10th
Sitting in my coffin Poem DeffAngell Apathy, Coffin, Depression, worms Oct 10th
Staying awake. Poem DeffAngell awake, Boredom, stuff Oct 10th
সেলফি! [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 10th
নৌকায় ঘুরে বেড়ানো [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 10th
the Moon’s white desire Poem 9inety Oct 10th
Poetry Book [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 10th
at heart.... Poem bolt 1 Oct 10th
Did You Hear..... Poem giajl Oct 10th
echoes that form escapes Poem 9inety 4 Oct 10th
*Erotismiagapea (Scribble-naughts and swoon theories(c)) Poem SSmoothie 1 *Erotismiagapea (Scribble-naughts and swoon theories(c)) Oct 10th
Another shit. Poem DeffAngell Oct 10th
For My Bella Poem jackabite Oct 10th
The Writer's Pen Prose deepinyourdreams Magic pens, Stories, The Writer's Pen, Thought process, written word Oct 10th
Horizon Poem HerbalFlows #life #happiness #darkness #live #darkness #shade Oct 11th
Glass Bottom, or the basics of being me Poem Chadical 1 Oct 11th
Giving Away Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 11th
Singing Woods Poem satishverma 1 # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 11th
Time Poem Theboy Oct 11th
Inspiron Poem Theboy 1 Oct 11th
Mary Poem Theboy Oct 11th
Words Are Cheap Poem KindredSpirit 2 Oct 11th
Nothing Is Right Or Wrong Poem KindredSpirit 4 Oct 11th
Rise and Defy Poem deepblue 3 Oct 11th
Yesterdays Blues Poem roseblossoms Oct 11th
Farewell As An Emotion Poem allets Oct 11th
প্রতারক Poem shawon1982 Oct 11th
জায়গা Poem shawon1982 Oct 11th
Epigram For The Bullies In High School, Especially 1973 Poem Starward Oct 11th
my essence Poem 9inety 3 Oct 11th
লক্ষ তারার ভিড়ে [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 11th
কি সুন্দর পদ্ম ফুল! [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 11th
The Helpless Cat! [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 11th
Cow [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 11th
মন চায়... Poem KingofWords ভালোবাসি Oct 11th
ভালোবাসি বলার পর Poem KingofWords Oct 11th
Every Time I See You Poem KingofWords love Oct 11th
I Promise Poem KingofWords promise Oct 11th
you lost a pearl while playing in the sand. Poem zoeycup16 commitment., distance, pearl, sand Oct 11th
On printed paper, It's here to... Poem giajl Oct 11th
tearing down that wall Poem zoeycup16 echoing, quickness, tearing., wall Oct 11th
Perfect Love Poem metaphorist Oct 11th
Be Poem Theboy Oct 11th
Life Is Beautiful Poem Theboy Oct 11th
Waiting on God. Poem SSmoothie 4 Oct 11th
What I see in You Poem RomeonJuliet113 Oct 11th
Big Brother Poem mrpoofs 4 Oct 11th
Gut Feelings Poem mrpoofs 2 Oct 11th
Relentless Poem metaphorist 1 Oct 11th
Old , Stupid and Poem giajl Oct 11th
My hand at a Van Gogh self portrait Prose deepinyourdreams 1 Van Gogh Oct 11th
Humor at it's Best! Prose deepinyourdreams 1 Humor Oct 11th
Waiting in the Shadows Prose deepinyourdreams Waiting in the Shadows Oct 11th
identity Poem ScarlettLetter Oct 12th
Story of hope Poem ScarlettLetter 2 Oct 12th
eclipse Poem lizardking Oct 12th
Blood Draped Poem satishverma 1 # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 12th
The Candle Burns Poem satishverma 1 # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 12th
When you over think Poem giajl Oct 12th
You've Been Deceived Poem THWYALG 1 Oct 12th
The Best That I Can Be Poem Daniellesheree53 1 Oct 12th
Families Poem allets Oct 12th
Ambiguity Poem KindredSpirit Oct 12th
Forgotten Soul Poem crazynm04 Oct 12th
I fucked up Poem mrpoofs Oct 12th
Spray n Pray Poem mrpoofs 3 Oct 12th
Naked in the Garden Poem AlexanderNimos Alexander Nimos, Carl Dennis, Carl Sandburg, Charles Wright, Claudia Emerson, Franz Wright, Gregory Pardlo, Kay Ryan, Lisel Mueller, love, Margaret Widdemer, Mark Strand, My Naked Mind, naked in the garden, Natasha Trethewev, Paul Muldoon, Philip Schultz, Rae Armantrout, rmdrk, Robert Hass, Robert M Drake, romance, Sara Teasdale, sex, Sharon Olds, Stephen Dunn, Ted Kooser, Tracy K. Smith, Vijay Seshadri Oct 12th
The demons dream Prose Sappharush #dark #demons #killing #supernatural #wraith #monsters #pain #tears #crazy #murder #psychology #depression Oct 12th
Lesson One oh One ( Atomized ) Poem KindredSpirit 2 Oct 13th
The Mix Poem mooncobra Oct 13th
Under The Oak Tree Poem xxplict_poet My Own Words Oct 13th
Exotic Encounters Poem xxplict_poet Exotic Love Oct 13th
Daze Poem mypersonalpoems777 confusion, Drugs, relaxation, Stress Oct 13th
Welcome to my Landfill Poem mypersonalpoems777 1 expression, overcoming, POETRY Oct 13th
Road War Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 13th
Road War Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 13th
Strange Morrow Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgivness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #poetry love Oct 13th
Folly Poem mooncobra Oct 13th
Egyptians Being Served By A Nazi Poem Starward Oct 13th
Even Eva Could Not Evade His Evil Poem Starward Oct 13th
প্রেম প্রেম ভাব! Poem KingofWords প্রেম Oct 13th
তাকে পাবার আশায় Poem KingofWords প্রেম Oct 13th
Get There Soon Poem deepblue 1 Oct 13th
Lament Poem deepblue 2 Oct 13th
Love, Years Ago Poem deepblue 2 Oct 13th
An Arbor Poem allets Oct 13th
Blue Mushroom & Other Poems Poem allets Oct 13th
পাথর Poem shawon1982 Oct 13th
চুপ! [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 13th
ঢেঁকি [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 13th
Cluck Cluck Cluck! [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 13th
A Cute Squirrel [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 13th
Cancer Calls. A Week Begins Poem sanctus Oct 13th
Addiction and Depression Poem crazynm04 2 Oct 13th
Teenage Suicide Poem crazynm04 Oct 13th
Dear jeans Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Oct 13th
Creativity and class Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Oct 13th
Hua Shan Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 13th
Communication Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 13th
The Ether Poem running_with_rabbits 10 Oct 13th
Intrusion Poem sanctus Oct 13th
Whispers The Heart, Oh Jesus Poem sanctus Oct 13th
Emergency Room Musing Poem sanctus Oct 13th
Busy Making Busy Poem sanctus 1 Oct 13th
Turning The Day Over To Him Poem sanctus Oct 13th
Restless Night, Imagination Rambling Poem sanctus Oct 13th
Choices And The Flavour Of Living Poem sanctus Oct 13th
Always The Morning Comes Poem sanctus Oct 13th
City Traffic Sounds With A Touch Of Insomnia Poem sanctus Oct 13th
Words On A Sunday Poem sanctus Oct 13th
The Action Plan Poem sanctus Oct 13th
Grey Poem sanctus Oct 13th
Yes, Flavourless Prescriptions Are Intimidating Poem sanctus Oct 13th
If I Should Die Before I Wake Poem sanctus Oct 13th
When The Grass Turns Brittle And Darkly Brown Poem sanctus Oct 13th
Funeral Skies And Melancholy Sun Poem sanctus Oct 13th
My Jesus, I Trust In You Poem sanctus Oct 13th
Greetings from the Care Team at Windsor Regional Cancer Centre Poem sanctus Oct 13th
The Sound Of Rain Poem sanctus Oct 13th
Words Escape, And So They Should Poem sanctus Oct 13th
It Is Time Again. Pop Another Pill. Poem sanctus Oct 13th
Morning Sunshine Causes Shadows Poem sanctus Oct 13th
Fill Me With The Sedatives Of Your Mercy Poem sanctus Oct 13th
A Year Or So From Now Poem sanctus Oct 13th
And Now Comes The Weeping Poem sanctus Oct 13th
In The Empty Poem sanctus Oct 13th
Hollow As The Hole Poem sanctus Oct 13th
Walls Of Certain Depth Poem sanctus Oct 13th
Light Of Infinite Empty Poem sanctus Oct 13th
Lord, May I Be Ready Poem sanctus Oct 13th
A World Of Colour Poem sanctus Oct 13th
Regardless Of Positive Attitude Or Strength Of Hope Held Poem sanctus Oct 13th
Radiation Rambling Poem sanctus Oct 13th
The Sailor On His Journey Poem sanctus Oct 13th
Terminal Poem sanctus Oct 13th
Come Into My Walk And Lead My Feet To You Poem sanctus Oct 13th
A Word Or Two Of Advice For This Accursed Cancer Poem sanctus Oct 13th
Three Headed Mind Pollution Poem mrpoofs 2 Oct 13th
Am I Poem mrpoofs Oct 13th
Possibilities Poem KindredSpirit Oct 13th
I AM Poem lizardking Oct 14th
I can't live here ...,, Poem giajl Oct 14th
Like a Smoky Spectre.... But, Poem giajl Oct 14th
Sophomoric Dissolution Poem Theboy Oct 14th
unoriginal Poem holiday87 Oct 14th
Moving Off Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 14th
Ninth Month Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 14th
Sorry Poem JulxeMadxson 2 #love #heartbreak #breakup #happy #sad #depressing #meaningful Oct 14th
One More Day Poem Love2write 1 Alzheimer's Disease She was my Oct 14th
Remember Me Poem Love2write 1 Alzheimer's Disease Oct 14th
تائهة ما بين الاوراق Poem asaihati Oct 14th
My Dad Poem Love2write Love and family Oct 14th
Moving Me Poem KindredSpirit 4 Oct 14th
Come join me Poem JEHRoberts 1 #alone #sad #pain #hurt #lonely #loneliness #analysis #regret #friendship Oct 14th
12pm thoughts Poem JulxeMadxson #love #heartbreak #breakup #sad #hate #depression #secrets #revealed Oct 14th
For Our Sake Poem Timeful Oct 14th
Be more breakable, please. Poem Sasha_ 1 Oct 14th
Manly men dont cry Poem mrpoofs Oct 14th
Worthless & Shame Poem CreativeWriterE #emotion #hurt #cut, #Suicide Oct 14th
CLARITY OF LITERAL VISION Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 14th
You and I Poem RomeonJuliet113 Oct 14th
Love of a Latino man & Caucasian women Poem RomeonJuliet113 Oct 14th
Snake aka Devil Poem RomeonJuliet113 Oct 14th
Angel of Protection and Love Poem RomeonJuliet113 Oct 14th
It's all Perspective, Hate..Love Prose deepinyourdreams 1 It's all Perspective... hate... love Oct 14th
Haunted by lost love Poem RomeonJuliet113 Oct 15th
Doesn't matter where you come from Poem RomeonJuliet113 Oct 15th
Seesaw Poem metaphorist Oct 15th
Danger to Myself Poem metaphorist Oct 15th
DROPS OF UNEXPECTED JOY Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Oct 15th
Lightless Poem czjustanemptyhead Oct 15th
You and me Poem Love2write Love for my husband Oct 15th