Consequential Colonialism

‘Consequential Colonialism’ is that certain feeling,

When the names of places take us back to that moment,

While ‘colonialism’ did exist like an ailment,

And the very reaction is not by any means pleasing.


They changed the names of the places as their desire,

Suffocating the native-sentiment forcibly,

How could the commoners breathe happily,

When both seen and unseen shackles were everywhere?


It is time to modify the spelling of such place-names,


It is time to put forward the rational claims!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I like and respect the British a lot. However, from the viewpoint of patriotism, one aspect from the colonial time has attracted my attention. The British left this subcontinent long ago. However, the legacy of colonialism still makes its presence felt in the names of certain places. This lets me invent a new term called "Consequential Colonialism". Whenever we say "Chittagong" or "Bogra" etc. then the British colonial moments appear before us like pictures. My suggestion is that the names of places should be changed according to the local way of pronunciation. For example, we should write Chottogram in English notChittagong. Similarly, Sylet not Sylhet; Bogura not Bogra; Kumilla not Comilla; Jossore or Joshore not Jessore; Moymonsingho not Mymensingh etc.

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