lost hope

Burned bridges

Burned bridges



I was raised in a ruined country

Driven by warlords

and sick ambitions

Youth shattered on the burned bricks

of bombed factories

Learned to hate

and doubt in everything

Trust no one

Thought to be everybody`s enemy

My toys were leftovers of

civilized world

I forgot to use words

only to point finger and yell

Burned bridges

Images of tomorrow

Cold places

Dark faces

Grim stoned cases

Flight over pieces

of empty minds

Cold hands hugging dying

General`s shadows on the walls

Sounds of jet engines

and diesel tank machines

Round bullets as value of life

Life costing but a bag of flowers

or  a can of gas

Worthless paper money

That byes nothing

Nothing but misery

Swollen wrists

Torn nails

That try to dig way out

Ghosts in the eyes of people

Lucky bastards that got

nothing to lose

Ears tuned to national tv stations

Triggers ready to strike

Shotgun on head of masses

Rotten tomatoes in courtroom

Too easy to vanish

Too hard to stay

Let all loose down the hill

Raise your hands and praise all

mighty president

Speech is censured

But still can beg

There is only one way out

Six feet under

Plighted Knight

Have you been through barren wind lashing landscape to a place where the only pleasure is pain?
Have you swept through grand illusions of mountainous peaks, romantically doused in valleys?
Have you throbbed and whetted painfully soaking in an untouchable Mire of frenzy in enstasy?
Have you felt numbness broken by searing thoughts of pain-bloated vomittous purges bringing ecstasy?
Have you been so relieved, so rejoiced by knowing you still stir to feel wrapped in delusions so real?
Have you lost the last filtered longing rays of the loving light alone, wondering why so stark?
Have You toiled and panicked and sweated for hours when those illusions left you crying in the dark?
Have you taken to all the corners of your mind digging for the recesses of the lost corners of your light?
Have you schemed and plotted and travelled to chase a glint of memory through the endless night?
Have you burned your eyes in desperation sending beams of longing soul light through those windows?
Have you traced the walls of imagined heights scraping your fingers to the bone, looking for a crack?
Have you forgotten your God, reinvented your religion and realigned the center of your universe in hope?
Have you burned your heart so brightly as a sacrifice in hopeless knowing it will be a lost beacon to the lost?
Then leave me, you can never know my plight.


An alternate is *then fuck off- I feel this is more protective but not in keeping with the rest of the work I guess I just have to choose wich one really is the true intent... A difficult conundrum.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The traps of our mind are the most dangerous landscapes to travel. Need a better name -too tired to think if you have an idea youre welcome to share it and your opinion too, honesty is thoroughly appreciated. Thanks.

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What I Have Lost

Hovering above me I can see
The glimmer of a breath of
And I try to reach for it
Only to remember
The chains that hold me where
I am.

As the hourglass surrenders
And the last of the souls
Begin to trickle away
I gasp as I realize
What I have

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hidden meanings.

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