Theyre watching

Floating eyes that follow me

pupils straining in the black

detracting my successes with malicious glee

reveling in what I lack

seperated from their hosts

parasites that migrate for blood

my soul is what they thirst for most

but theyll settle for the crud

that I create in my despair

useless words falling down

collecting in the dankest lair

that houses my bane, the laughing clown.

as I sleep they count the time

in which I have happy dreams

but theyre gone since I committed the crime

that made my mother cry and scream

as I wake they count the steps

that take me deeper into the wood

I know that Im lost but yet

I still daydream about what could

be if I just stayed my hand

allowed my life to slowly shatter

if I just buried my head in sand

I think my anger wouldnt matter

as I think they count the number

of evil notions that run amok

I wish I could forever slumber

under the reproachful glare of the cunning hawk

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just because youre paranoid

dont mean they aint after you

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KindredSpirit's picture

it's almost like the mob

Is taking you for a walk

And the big five oh might rescue you.

If you are lucky.


mrpoofs's picture

haha. They all want my money,

haha. They all want my money, but I wont give it