Proposal for a 'Surprised' Emo for Facebook!

At times, I get surprised by reading certain news or information on Facebook. At that moment, the available Facebook-emoticons seem unsuitable. For example, we can click on the 'wow' emo when we appreciate someone but we cannot use the same emo when anyone unethically imposes some decisions on others. Indeed, people use the 'angry' emo then. But, I think that a new emo can be added to Facebook, which is 'surprised'. The proposed 'surprised emo' may look like the following!


মাঝে মাঝে ফেইসবুকে কিছু খবর বা তথ্য পড়ে বেশ অবাক হই। তখন ফেইসবুকে যেসব ইমোটিকন আছে সেসবের মধ্যে কোনওটিকেই উপযুক্ত মনে হয় না। যেমন, প্রশংসাসূচক কিছু হলে 'ওয়াও' ইমোতে ক্লিক করা যায়, কিন্তু কারো কোনও অনৈতিক সিদ্ধান্ত অন্যদের উপর চাপিয়ে দিলে সেই ক্ষেত্রে ফেইসবুকে 'ওয়াও' ইমো ব্যবহার করা যায় না। তবে অনেকে 'এংরি' ইমো ব্যবহার করে কাজ চালান। কিন্তু আমার মনে হয় ফেইসবুকে একটি নতুন ইমো যুক্ত করা যায় আর সেটি হচ্ছে 'সারপ্রাইজড'। প্রস্তাবিত 'সারপ্রাইজড ইমো'টি দেখতে নিচের ছবিটির মত হতে পারে!

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Lies in my mind

You need me

I left you

You love me

I crushed you

You still want me

I want you

You said I loved you

I told you I don't believe in it

You said that it is in my actions

I felt it

You new it

I got scared

You held me

I pushed you away

I hate you

but you know its a lie

I walked out

You stayed

I was broken

You were to

I need you, I never told you

You needed me and you told me it everyday

I walked out that door

You gave me your heart

You took mine

This feeling scares me

I opened the door

you opened your arm

but they took me away from you

We are forbiden

this is goodbye


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For you, only you.

A Lullaby of Another Name

Free Writes

The haunting melody crafted by the stars twinkling in their desolate space sings us all to sleep as the world alters its image to conform what it is that we wish to see.

A sonnet of the wretched and unforgiven, bleeding through the stars as the crescendo of their pain entrenches the moon with the deadly elegance of a thousand knives.

The stars shall soon rain down upon us all, allowing our mortal ears to hear the symphony of our demise, a cacophony of twisting beauty and deformity.

We are the conductors of our own decimation and fates, everything lies on the flick of a baton, the question is, where will your masterpiece end?
As one sonata ends, another begins, the circle of life encompassing us all.

A lullaby of another name.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A short five-minute free write.

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Finding a place.

Break apart the day.
Burn through it
As it burns through you.

Find something sacred.

Men become gentlemen again.
Retracing back footsteps
Rewriting my story.

The sad girl makes monsters in the spotlight.
She exists there.
I found a home where she won't follow.
Hidden between leather and concrete.
I'm a butterfly at last.

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slit the fucking throat

pound chest and boast
so inferior with pride

capsize under changing tides

balance on razorblades

dissolve into the breezeway
so inferior with pride

capsize under shallow tides

cannibalize self-worth with transient value

clinging to images staring backwards
defeated in thought process
contorted inaccurately awkward

glisten with fucking blood

fantasized delusional love
so inferior with pride

numbing callous insides

deadweight lathered tongue

absently hostile prescribed drugs
so inferior with pride

the pandering lords of suicide

bruising fists on deliberate eye sockets

bloody smiles of broken teeth that mocks
presence of mind long enough to regret
shitting out pain it's an angry pet

mistakes nailed between the eyes
pride in the vices
so inferior with pride

not at all dignified

clutching to vices
clutching to vices
clutching to vices

cannibalize self-worth with transient value

clutching to vices




cannibalize self-worth with transient value

clutching to vices



cannibalize self-worth with transient value

clutching to vices




cannibalize self-worth with transient value

clutching to vices

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If Only There Was A Painkiller For Heartbreak

Beaten and bruised
So numb from pain
My heart feels bullied
Alone inside
It hurts
I gotta pull through though
If i dont its the end
And when the end comes nothing matters
I have no help
No painkiller for my hurt
So i gotta sit and cry
Feeling so numb inside
Crying alone
Wishing to die

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem written on the day of the heartbreak.

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Call To Save A Life


She runs into her room,
Slams the door,
Throwing her phone on the unkept bed,
As she opened the dresser,
Within seconds the silver slipped,
Causing her pain and sorrow to run out,
Misleadingly red,
The flash of light caught her eye,
It came from by the blanket,
With a  shaky hand she reached out,
His name flashing across the screen,
While answering she burst into tears,
The knife slipped from her grasp,
When he asked what was wrong,
She saw what she did,
To the smiling girl,
She saw what he did,
With his call to save a life. 

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Thick as sap


I eat my food eager to clean,
To clean dishes and run,
To run to my room upstairs,
Upstairs with a thin piece of metal,
A piece of metal that will pierce my skin,
Though it's sharp and the first time I cry,
Soon the pain is nothing,
The feeling is nothing,
It is not deep, for I'm precautious,
It is not a scratch, for the urge pushes further,
The paint not running, but resting on memory,
The memory that scars,
The scars that still bleed,
The bleeding will never stop,
The yelling doesn't stop,
The red seems to thicken,
No longer watery paint,
It's harder like the memory's I try to rid,
Its haunting like the promises not kept,
It's thick like the sap that runs,
From a cut tree.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The topic is not strong, in fact the whole poem is more like two in one but emotion came over me.

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Silver slips


Silver slips 
Metal cuts
She bleeds
The tear scars
The memory lasts
The pain leaves
Her mom cries
Her dad yells
Her door locks
It's in her drawer
It's on her arm
It's running down
The crying stops
The yelling pauses
The bleeding continues
She covers her arm
She fakes a smile
She opens the door
A hug
No a slap
A laugh
No a cry
A man
No a jerk
Silver slips
Metal cuts
She bleeds

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It is not a true poem but I was given the challenge to write a poem about this and accomplished more then that.

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