chrysalis,  a glassy cage.

to shed snake skin.

watch the tatters disintegrate,

remnants left among dust bunnies,

the scattering of tumbleweeds.

the itch of new scars.

agonizing growing pains.

confused, humbled, mediocre.

practice non attachment.

observe without judgement

the rupturing of tiny worlds.

each footfall a subtle prayer, 

an agreement to uphold

my end of the bargain.

i have no memory of the return

on investment.




suspension, a held breath.

to float perplexed,

caught in bewildering pause,

in the arc between rising and falling.

unfailing pulse of passing time.

pressure, the only certainty.

a dull constant anxiety.

uncommittal, listless, searching.

engage with experience.

cultivate and enrich

the fledgling perception.

each breath a gentle communion

with the common,

an attempt to exist

solely as i am.  to be.

i have no need of props, icons,

or sacred vestments.


illumination, a shaft of light.

to bathe in brilliance,

parting dismal clouds like curtains.

burst forth as an orchid,

spilling inconceivable shades

of iridescent hues beyond value.

ecstacy of relief.

serene.  gentle.  grateful.


cast aside all efforts, grasp nothing.

the banks of the stream

destroy themselves

by retaining the flowing water.


each new awareness a reminder

of the strangeness of life

and its inexplicable position.

every pitiable creature

is always at the same center

of an ineffable universe.



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running_with_rabbits's picture


you know those days where you feel like no one gets your feelings so you procrstinate on facebook and read articles on everything but nothing figures you out? today was one of those days, and this pome figured me out...

Much Love


and_hera_met_zeus's picture


omg thanks!!!  i'm glad!  i decided i didn't like the trajectory my life was on, and it was time to rediscover the essence of myself.  i love that poetry reveals the full range of human experience.  i think my lesson of the week is every emotion we can have as humans is also felt by some other human somewhere.  i had a few people's poems figure me out too, and some were so similar to mine that it scared me a little.

running_with_rabbits's picture


I also love how we can write a poem with an emotion and then soemone can read and find emotions we never knew we put in it!

Much Love


and_hera_met_zeus's picture


ESPECIALLY when they find stuff you actually put in but didn't know you did... i've had that happen.  sometimes i don't realize how much i actually portray.  other times, people read in stuff that's not there at all but still has intense meaning for them.  as long as people are getting something out of it, i'm happy :)

KindredSpirit's picture

In the the short time

I have read you (and i have yet to read the rest )

You have been sooo good.

And this being a straight write from then

IMO.... Is Great

I just read it again

And I love it more.

Just sayin~ It is


and_hera_met_zeus's picture

thanks ks :)

i'm glad u like all my poetry (that you've read).  lol i'm sure if u read enough u'll find one of my lame, crappy ones lol

KindredSpirit's picture

I want to say

I hate it and lol

Just to mess with you

But I can't

And if I say I Love it

Don't say I always say that.

But if I don't say I do

I would be lying.


Don't get confused

That's my job

and_hera_met_zeus's picture


thanks for not hating it...  errr... i think.

allets's picture

Too Many Fine Images Here

to mention...epic like in scope, a dance among the elements of existence - lovely write -Stella-



and_hera_met_zeus's picture

thanks stella

as always, your words are far too kind.

allets's picture

Just Reread

In a quieter moment the images read slowly are magical and each line is beauty as a thing! Too lovely - Stella



and_hera_met_zeus's picture

awww thanks :)

i wish i could thank you as eloquently as you compliment me :)