Here we are

Two last ones of our kind

Fighting for the prize

On this rotten yellow planet

Our brothers,fathers and friends

Are long time ago dead

Pledge their lifes in battle

for the same thing

They gone to never be forgotten

Their bones shattered across yellow rocks

But now they rest with gods

While clenching cold steel

soaked with blue blood

Shivers running down my spine

Itches spasms my body

I won in many battles

But here is the last one

My fifth eye focusing on the enemy

Trying to read his next move

While he sudden start

running toward me

With his tentacles raised high

in the air

His arms starts to veawing

with battle axes

My power sword pushed

forward keep clunking

at 5000 RPM

Thumping of the heart

Sweat on forehead

But nothing to worry

Because i seen worse

My legs start to running

toward victory

First swing first hit

Sounds of pounding metal

And splattered skin

Anger and hate feed my muscles

Every minute i become stronger

and stronger

Hit after hit

Pound after pound

I slowly start to winning

I slowly start to ending

This misery that lasts

For seven light years

Finally becoming supreme one

But suddenly my mind starts

to awakening

Analyzing everything that

happened until now

Buzzing and twitching true

all codes and laws

In the moments that green blood

spraying my face

I start to asking myself

What is the point of all this

I fought them all

I won them all

Even kings and other rulers

Low lifes and scums

No worthy of living

But again what is the point

Soon i will won this last

obstacle on the way to victory

On the way of ultimate prize

To be the one and only

To be the supreme one

Supreme one

Supreme one

Supreme one

But single one in all ten galaxies

Single one to stand alone

and to rule the wasteland

That have only lost souls

and shattered bones

Of ones that fought and die

For the couse that hated most

Ones that gave their lifes

for the stupid laws of others

Laws of damned rulers

They fought for nothing

and lost everything

With single push i throw

my enemy ten meters away

I throw my power sword

and all tree other weapons

On the ground in yellow sand

Yellow sand that knows it all

I raised my hands in the air

HEY i yell


I saw his battle axe

Raised high in the air

Making shadow on my face

In split second i felt nothing

But i was free


Finally free

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