Light spark

Light spark


In between two letters

A kick started from a point of view

Lies unspoken

Yet untouched truth

Traveling viral

Through  brain cortex

Trying to be understood

Pieces of puzzle still missing

But creative flow must not be stopped

Words got to be written

Stories got to be told

Balancing on razors blade

Broken spirit

But still uncut

Boycotting conventional

Pushing foundation of new




Thinking in new universal language

Known to all living creature

Ink from the paper

Turned into sound

Turned into light

Turned into a split of a second

of eternal existence

Standing on the ground

with bear feet

Live just one second

Gone in continuum

of black universe

Of white time

Light spark traveling true eons

Not to be forgotten

Just to be a single itch

In observer`s mind

Just to be a glitch

In perfect creation

Of higher consciousness

So unspoken though keep traveling



Until  an arrow curbs it in essence

of every single soul

Bowed at  the beginning of  a new dawn



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perfect imagery conveying such a wondrous idea

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Thanks a lot