Plea of a Weakling

Why does nobody like me?

Am I a bit too strange?

I'm not looking for my pity

but do I not have imagerial range?

I have no self esteem

because of the blows to pride I've taken

when the slates been wiped clean

I swear to you I'm not fakin

I just write what I feel

emotions inside out

but I just cant deal

with the legions who doubt.

I want to be taken seriously

I just want to be fair

I want you to know my feelings

this neverendnig nightmare

that from I'll never wake

as I'm forever in slumber

from the poor I will take

till I'm overencumbered

please give me respect

as I try to give you

take a moment to reflect

on what I've eschewed

please, give me love

that I crave like a drug

I just want a hug

fuck being a thug.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Do I know what I'm doing?

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