You are a Source of Power

You are no less strong than a man,

You are an epitome of strength,

Like Durga you can achieve the unattainable,

Like Begum Rokeya change you can bring; yes you can.


You are Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale, Marguerite Coppin,

You are Jane Addams, Ida Craft, Thelma Bate,

You are Virginia Woolf, Nellie McClung, Annestine Beyer,


You are Malala Yousafzai, Shirin Ebadi, Qasim Amin.


I salute you like a soldier,


All I have in my heart for you is honour.

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Lady Fickle is Bridget Jones’s Bible

Lady Fickle


It is dedicated to all the girls who do not always manage to live up to their expectations. They are a little overweight, off-color among their girlfriends, insecure and shabby. When they were little girls, they couldn’t wait for the time, when they would be able to do all they want, wear high heels and realize their dreams. They have always dreamt to be elegant, iconic ladies. But some things got in the way. Money got in the way, they always do, sooner or later. Dreams gave way to the routine. Frankly, some of us deeply suffer because their life is richer on the inside. They know they deserve some things like a lovely soul mate, dream job and may be to write a bestseller. Everything is ahead of them; they just don’t know where to start. So, they never do…Instead of becoming an icon they live like tiny little frogs, who admire the women-icons from their bog.


How to turn a frog into a princess?

Know that the princess lives within you; she just deserves to be taken care of and respected. And sometimes you have to set spurs of dreams to the unicorn she is riding. Feed her

DIY artistic objects
soft erotica
autobiographies of successful people
interviews with colorful personalities
inspiring literary excerpts
basically self-development in every aspect.


Note how her personality changes with practice. Note how she will gather enthusiasm and inspiration. See her become more and more expressive and adorable. What this website is meant to be is the tool, may be the environment in which every woman becomes someone who makes her inner child happy. Her own feelings, sweetness and grace. Her smiles, kisses and sighs.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Lady With The Tragic Past

I met her in a therapy group,
The woman who had the tragic past,
She spoke with lots of knowledge
On things like 'self esteem' and 'well being',
And I thought to myself,
'Wow, she really has it all together now',
I thought, 'You would never know',
She worked for a support line in the local town,
And everyone looked up to her...


She often spoke of predators of a sexual kind,
Mostly when someone spoke up in the group
About a bad experience,
Like about when they were 10 and played doctor with their siblings,
Or when they touched an intimate part of their body,
With another child in their age group,
And the wise woman with the tragic past
Would always be remind them of how bad
The other person was,
And this freed the group member of guilt,
And soon they would join the wise woman
With the terribly tragic past in her mission.


One day a member of the group spoke up
About how her parents taught her what oral sex was,
She said it confused her terribly,
And the wise woman with the tragic past stood up,
And became indignant about such awful parents,
How dare they confuse and abuse their 13 year old child
Without permission from the moral majority
And status quo of prominent psychotherapists in the town,
And the police were called immediately to arrest the predators,
And everyone felt a little sorry,
And the group member felt ashamed to have such horrid parents,
Now under the impression that they didn't really love her,
But that they just pretended to.


The wise lady with the tragic past would do that,
She would be there like a dear protector,
She took it on as a mission in life to get every last predator,
And with her experience and grand knowledge about abuse,
There was never a need for her to see proof about a predator,
She knew what other's intentions were without them knowing,
Because she just knew exactly what a predator was,
She didn't have to ask,
Everyone knew she knew,
And everyone trusted her judgement.


Once, when I was 6 I fell off my bicycle
And hit my head on a rock during a race with other kids,
I passed out and woke up on the neighbor's couch
With an ice pack on my head, and people around me,
All very happy to see me awaken and be ok,
And there were no predators that I can remember,
But there wasn't anyone like the lady with the tragic past there either,
And everything turned out ok,
I was better the next day, riding my bike down the driveway
In the same way I had the day before,
Having lots of fun like kids do,
And now I wonder if I would have ever got on the bike again
If the wise lady with the tragic past had been there.


Takes one to know one maybe.


10:22 PM 5/8/2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When the abused becomes predatory without even realizing it.

My Boy and I Go Everywhere Together

Creative Writing

I want a puppy.


I want it to be fluffy and dark,


I want it to nibble on my fingers, I want it to cry


every time I leave it by itself.


I want it to lick my face and my hands.


When I carry it around town,


I want all the ladies to coo, tut and awe for me


and my little buddy. I want to buy


him new chew toys and milk bones


so he can learn new tricks.


I want a puppy that’ll grow big and strong


so I can wrestle with him.


I want my old neighbor, George, to notice


my pup, along with Marty and


chubby little Peter from across the street.


I’d invite party buses full of famous folk,


like Ben Affleck or Betty White,


then the whole world will know about


my new puppy with the pointy ears


and the soft coat. If someone offered me money


for the cutie, I’ll laugh it off and tell him:


“My puppy, not yours. No sale!”


When he grows to be a big, old dog,


we’ll be the best friends anyone has ever seen.


No one will be able to take him from my side,


not even my old lady.


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Lady of the Nile


I am daydreaming again

Something is visiting my mind

It's a familiar sweet scent

Of someone I pray to be fine


Pictures on the table

She had them all labeled

Glaring evidence 

Of my innocence


Everlasting love she gives

My every faults she forgives

Her smile is priceless

Her love is endless


She is the woman of my life

If she is around, there is light

If she's not around, stars don't shine

She is the Lady of the Nile


As mighty as the Sun

As calm as this river

She will live forever

She knows what must be done


I keep her in my heart and mind

I wonder how she is each night

If she is fine and alright

If she is unwell or tired


And whenever she calls,

Tears sometimes start to fall

Her voice is a symphony

To the lonely world of grief


I walk this road for her

I read this book for her

Someday, I'll walk the world with her

That day, she will never suffer

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OH, lady in blu

fing einen riss am finger

kehrte er und lachelte.



Oh, lady in blue

caught a tear on her finger

returned it and smiled.

(c) copyright heather burns

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Oh lady in blue

caught a tear on her finger

returned it and smiled.

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A lady dressing in blue.

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