Hard To Explain


I press myself near the wall

hang my hair over my face

and hope all

you see

is a shadow

a ghost

another passerby


One in two thousand

I turn my feet inward

even my walk is


it’s the prey’s

walk of shame


It’s a blessing

going unnoticed

I train my eyes on the floor

and watch plastic legs walk by

carrying matches for bodies

ashes for faces


You light them all on fire

and they go up in flames


you turn on your heel

and strut away from the

burning house

scene of the crime

as the silent shrieks

echo behind you


And after death

we slink along the walls

even among each other

our tight-lipped smiles

are caging our candles

our whispered voices

are pleasantries

as we bow our heads

half-smiles obscuring

an outsider’s view


But you’ve never

done the prey’s

walk of shame

you’ve never been

set on fire


it’s hard to


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/21/15

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