Irish Beauty

poems 1




There you are 

                              striking beauty 

                                                              instantly felt



                  Night skies stars speaking to me

                  whispering secrets intimate desire 

                  sparking wanton primal fire 



          Gateway drawing me in

          reveal dynamic beauty hidden

          gracious impassioned, Spirited 




            Harmonious chorus angelic 

            mesmerizing calling enchanting 

            as the world fades 



            Glowing shimmer, lighting the way

            tongues sublime liaisons  

            joyously playfully entwine 




              Electric, charges carry  

              reaching extraordinary depth 

              celestial plane  




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KindredSpirit's picture

Really like this

Gonna have to read some of your other stuff

When I get a chance.

Wrote a little Irish ditty the other day

That i didn't put out.


czjustanemptyhead's picture

Thank you. I would like to

Thank you. I would like to read your Irish ditty if you don't want to post it maybe you could mesage it to me?

KindredSpirit's picture

I'll put it out

A lot going on.

And problems sometimes with

My posting machine.

The reply to you turned into another poem.

Neither one is something to write home about.

Just Decent Ditty's I kinda like

And the Truth.


More later