No hiss

No hiss


We speak

We write

Yet don’t understand each other

Missing link of human

overrated race

Unnecesery dull pain

Coused in stupidity

of our material acting

Driven by worthless pieces

Things that own us

Using heavy metal

To annihilate one that are not same

Perpetuum achieved

With wrecking ball inside

Learned to be slave

Under control

And to obey

March left then right

Live single use

Wait behind yellow line

Brushed boots

Polished bullets

But not sharp mind

At presence we got nothing

But high tech with empty batteries

Small planctons act like big sharks

Showing teeth on mirror glass

Egos pumped with natural gas

Helium voices silencing mass

Universal remote controls

With broken stop button

Automaticly produced drones

But high pressure is weaking

Pipes are leaking

Sprockets crumble

Strong minds in high peak

Breaking egg shell

Letting out untold

New wisdom unleashed

Wheels start rolling

Thrust wordie

Microvawes used

On all frequencies


No hiss

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