Blast Beats

Fuck rhythm I dont need it

cuz Im so fucking conceited

Fuck your rule I wont heed it

your soul is hungry so I feed it

I create a wall of sound

just like your heart it pounds

I shake the fabric of the ground

instilling fear three headed hounds

hates what makes it go

is that good? I dont know

so Ill just go with the flow

cuz it makes me feel just so

I wonder if they want it

cuz all the girls be stuntin

they say if you got it flaunt it

so Ill find their house and haunt it

man, I like to crump

and do a couple bumps

but as Im not a chump

punch me any and youll slump

drugs pulsing through my veins

I want the money and the fame

to be the winner of the game

you must never stay the same

a funeral dirge for me

overtaken by blast beats

death is what I seek

cuz Im nothing but a freak.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is weird so I like it

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