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When you're away
And I've so much to say
I count down each day
'til you're here


Oh please just come back
Everythin's thrown off track
None o' the others know how
To soothe me
(Soothe me)


I lie awake
Most evenings
Restless, annoyed and alone
My heart aches
Brain's seething
Why can't you just come home?


You're here for a bit
A few hours then you split
And I have to admit
It's bittersweet
Until the next we meet
Our memories play on repeat
While I miss you




Author's Notes/Comments: 

This may eventually become a fully produced piece with music and background vocals (hence the parantentical "(soothe me)" not present in the audio file



The above links to the spoken word audio of this piece


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Missing In The 1970s

Summer storms


Dark skies in the middle of the day


Rain blowing in gales across fields


Wind tearing at fences and telegraph poles


Police officers with torches, trudging through bleak countryside in boots


Searching — praying silently perhaps? — for the two young lovers who’d gone missing

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Missing Him

You continue to fight the system,
I know that you miss him,
I don't know why,
You refuse to let go,

Of the dream that faded away,
You continue to cause pain,
When it can go away,
No matter how hard,
You scream at the sky,
He ain't ever comming back,
He died for his cause,
What he believed,
Just because you won't agree,
Won't cause him to be beamed back,
From the past battles he fought,
And the one he did return,
But in a box and uniform,
To his last place,
Where he shall forever stand guard,
Oneday he will stand guard next to you,

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Heart Break

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, 

Then I'll wait for you just a bit longer...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Only if they're willing to wait for you too...

Heart Ache

Heart Break

My heart aches everynight I cry myself to sleep, When I have the thought that you aren't mine to keep. 

My heart aches every morning my notifications are baron, and so are my arms. All I can do is keep caring for your attitude and your charms.

Everytime I hear a bird coo, or when I even put on my shoe, all I can think of is how

My Heart Aches For You.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Cherish them while they're still there.

Time Hurts

Heart Break

Wanting time to go slowly, But it always flies by.
Now it trudgingly drags on without you by my side.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Learn to cherish

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The Taken (day 198)

sometimes I envy

the taken

because of the words

they can say to you,

she’s got a boy back home

so she can give you compliments that won’t come off biting like my fist in my mouth

or too sweet in a space covered with salt.

sometimes I envy

the taken

because of how simple

they can be around you,

the carefree

straight shot smiles

with no strings.

I watch this scene

like it’s the last time I’ll see it

through your eyes.

I watch your movements

like I’m learning how to be a mirror.

sometimes I envy

the taken

because of how close

they can get to you

without leaving a handprint

or lighting the room on fire.

most of the time I envy

the taken

they don’t miss you like this

but how can I miss you

when you’re always around?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/10/17



I opened my eyes another day seeing only

the same endless ocean. This beautiful,

disheartening endless ocean.


A ship with the possibilities to be seen for

many miles. Yet, the oceans waves taunt me

with its excessive, dramatic waves.


Concealing me from the eyes of others.


This ocean; my best friend, my enemy. The

reason I have discovered the woes of



Daily I wake up with a heart's desire to see

land, to move onward in my life's journey.


The oceans jealousy believes its memories

will be lost, but never. I vow! Caring

nothing for my hearts desire, yet it

mocks me with possibilities. Possibilities

that I might one day feel and experience what is now only memories.


my months spent crying, pleading, full of

hateful anger changed nothing. As I awoke

my eyes each morning was locked on the

same blue ocean floor. Deep waves, cool

breezes, moving deep sea passer-bys of the unknown.

I potentially die from the thought of

marriage to this mountain of beautiful



Years of plotting my escape proved to b

e act of a dreamer, not a doer.


My heart has grown numb and in my numbness, its torture lacks the effect it once had. I scream to all, my voice stripped and dry, barely heard by even the wind.


the silence of my unheard words replaced with the crashes of ocean waves; I will never submit.

Even while my knees have bent and come closer and closer to the panels of stained wood


I seemingly lose the courage to keep with my

vow to never submit, yet my vow to leave

this prison of cumbersome water has

engulfed me in disillusion.


In my lucid thoughts, I mumble of its

devilish games. The games that I will never willingly accept.


I listen to its illustrious melody. I am its mistress, a

the battle that seems impossible.

I am lost...

I am weak...

I will FIGHT till death approaches me.

I Miss Her

I miss her physique that was like a deer,

She was statuesque thus!

So perfect in shape,

I miss the bond we shared between us.


I miss the moments I roamed,

Beneath her navel,

Like a shameless lion,

In quest of the marvel!


Yes I conquered her many times in ecstasy!


That is the reason I miss her so badly!

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