attribution error

seven billion voices

cry out to be heard

through every available outlet

mouths scramble for ears.


we pick our poisons

apparently at random

gorging on a banquet

in an endless sea of technology.


drowning in selective information

less detail means more inclusive

all sharing the essential self

ego dominates all ways.


in unfathomable strangers

we find sideshow mirrors

astonishingly parallel

someone speaks with my voice.


do i exist?

does she?

is anyone real?

or is it just me?


slipping to the edge

of insanity

i find a twin enduring

a fate that might be mine.


or is it simple

attribution error...

and there is no parallel at all

except the human condition.


how many strangers and fools

would confuse us for one

except for differing names?

the devil is in the details.


worse yet,

is it simply a sign

that i am, and have always been,


Author's Notes/Comments: 

oh, the horror!!! :)

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9inety's picture

this is great!

by the way. don't just stand on the brink




"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot

and_hera_met_zeus's picture


thanks dylan :)

allets's picture

What A Glorious Write!

Truth - seldom encountered, rarely recognized, like wisdom - is here and was a reiminder 4 me. Bless you poet ~Stella~




and_hera_met_zeus's picture

thank you so much

for your kind words, as always.  thanks stella!!!!

KindredSpirit's picture

I musta got lost

In the seven billion voices

Cuz I didn't see this till now.

I'll put out an easy one for you.

And trite might be me

Trite ain't you.


and_hera_met_zeus's picture

thanks :)

i don't think you're trite at all.  you have a unique style.  

KindredSpirit's picture

I don't have the dictionary

You have.


I will put out that little poem.

I wrote another one I like in the early morning

But I'm not puttin it out to everyone.


I would like to


and_hera_met_zeus's picture

why not?

if you like it, you should share it.  

KindredSpirit's picture

I like it to much

I can't find that little one

But .....

I can give you another one.

You have to promise 

You won't like it.

(  I'm moody like that )

Which one ?  ( I'm thinkin' )

I like this one more  ( your poem )

Just a little confused about it.



You too ?

Don't mind me

I'm just talking to my Muse.

Consider all that

The start of my next poem.


allets's picture

Just Reread This Jewel

Clear, concise and well penned verses. "...slipping to the edge..." I can see that - marvelous image. Keep penning, nice words like these - Stella



and_hera_met_zeus's picture

thanks again stella

i'm glad it passed the test of a second reading :)