There are veterans 

And children dying
Cold and hungry
On the street
And fighting

Each day
Just trying

To get a bite to eat
Millions each day
Ending up jobless
And just trying


To make ends meet
Vacant houses
Stuck in foreclosure
Empty stomachs

Never being filled
And a severe
Lack of people
Even trying

To do a damn
Fucking thing
About it
Health care
And education systems

Often ending up
Being more of a joke

Than anything else
And yet the country
Is more concerned
With drinking

The kool aid
Handed out

By a rich asshole
And buying votes
And a bunch of
Fucking emails
Wake up America
Priorities, get some
Get your
Shit together
Before it's too
Fucking late
To do anything
To keep this
Boat we are
All in
From sinking 
Faster than it
Already is 

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