Moordor's Kingdom

Just a thought!

      Darkness falls across a medieval landscape.
    Sparce moonlight filters through dampened haze,
    Revealing atop a distant cliff, the towering renants of a
    Twelveth century Byzantine castle, peeking out of the clouds,
    Keeping watch over every parcel of ground and river way
    As far as the eye can see. Cold, north wind howls through a
    Forbidden black forest. Ancient limbs stretch out like entangled
    Tentacles of Sea creatures, each with long spindly fingers, 
    Forming cages, raking across the ground to entomb any
    Unsuspecting trespassers who happen by.
    A narrow path cuts a maze through the foreboding forest.
    Only lurking inhabitance or lost souls dare wander down it's
    Trecherous terrain.
    Deathly sounds shreek in the midnight air and
    Rustling footsteps echo in every darkened shadow.
    Screams of the dead pierce the night while creatures stalking
    Mindless sheep ravage the countryside, laying waste to feed
    On any and all who enter the Hallows of Moordor's Kingdom.


        by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Moordor's Kingdom"        ....."Enter at your own risk!!!"