Stand Up And Wake Up

We must stand up
And make a stand
Against an evil
So deep seeded
It is the root
Yes the root
Of religion
An evil
In society
So horrible

That we need
Just to justify it
As long as
We do such things
In the name of God
Then our conscience
Is clear
And the only ones

Who will question you
Are those who insist

Their god
And not yours
Is the one and only
When in reality
Their god
And yours
Only differ
In definition only
In the mean time

Countries are divided
And war torn
People are being killed

Because their god
Somehow isn't the right one 
People are being
Accused, mistreated,
And abused
As well as

Hated on
And used
Just because
Their lifestyle
Doesn't fit what
Some think their god

Is about or wants 
Stand up society
And wake up finally
See for once
That we are all human
Have the same basic needs
Dreams and desires
And that is really

And honestly
All that fucking


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