Imagine A World

Imagine a world

In which your worth
Is determined
By what is
Within your
Heart and soul

And not 
Your bank account 

Imagine a world

Where intelligence

Is coveted
And worshipped
More than just
A pretty face
Or hot body
Where your
Comes from contributing

More than just
Eye candy
Being valued
For the truth
You can teach
And bring to society
Instead of
Just being
Brushed aside

Because you aren't

Pretty or trashy enough
The world
Being more
With where it is going

Then with the people

We foolishly
Make famous
For no other reasons
Than hey their hot
If reason
And good nature
Were what ruled
The day
Instead of what
We believe in 
Imagine a world

In which
We actually
Gave a damn
Instead of daily
Just packing it in

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