Wake Up (It's The Only Chance We Got)

Blur the lines
Of  reality
See what you do see
Look beyond

What you are told
What you are shown
And what you are
Expected to believe
Look a little further
See what you do see
For then 
And only then
Will you find
The truth 
You seek 
Hidden within

The lie
That is society
And realize
That reality
Is nothing more

Than just
A fucking dream
Drilled into
Your head
Through lies
Broken promises
And pride
That lies to you
From the inside
Open your eyes
Free your mind

See what is really

Going on
Right in front of you
The truth
Of the real
Reality we live in
Is frightening

Believe me
I know
But it is a truth

We simply
Cannot ignore

Something must be done

But never will
As long as all we
Are doing
Is willfuly
Living blind
Wake up society
I beg of you
Please wake up
Because waking up
Is truly

The only chance
We got

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