Your loving Reminder

Embracing You

Your my secret most dont know; but only some do. 

We fight, we cry, we get upset we feel depressed and the day passes us by.

Don't forget how we ran for our lives, ran for the heavens within the skies.

We always knew we'd make it; not sure how but somehow we knew we would.

I lie here thinking of you, pining, yearning and wishing for you.

You went to sleep with dark negative thoughts; we failed a second go at living it up; and in love you might feel im not.



Darling oh dearest, never overthink this; its just like as you taught me. Don't Overthink such things too much, depression you will face and see.

Your hanging on the edge and i grab your hand I won't let you fall; but if you will then i'll fall with you; and we'll have it all.

We are each others ups, downs, together we deal with wrongs and rights.

I can't forget how you carried me under your wing, cradling me in your arms, helping me relearn to sing.



Dearest sweet darling, my sun rise of each and every morning; you roar with pride; you hold my hand tight as our worlds collide.

You know theres nothing like you; you push my buttons down, and you activate my emotional helpless cry. 

But without you though love; life would suck. 

I desire only time and life with you and ill do it all with you.




But your meant to be my only, like im meant to be your one.

Our love is like a rose never picked and never dying, a song never taken out and never sung.

Sad as it sounds we are only like that because; we stay in the place we are put. Our place is together; and we are stuck there eternally; no matter what there is to face.

You scowl and criticise only to alert me. you redo it all to teach and remind me.




So i thank you for pointing the finger at me; as it shows me how well you know me.

Thank you for needing me, desiring me and keeping me; I want only this with you always.

So protect me roughly, love me deeply, watch me insanely, feel desperate for me crazily.

Always feel me gently, Keep me eternally; gaze at me lovingly and have me peacefully.





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