Metaphors And No Reasons For


Adam and Eve

Are but a metaphor
For how mankind

Has fucked up
The planet
It evolved to
Exist on
By creating

It's own hell
Through greed
Hate, anger,
And defiance

Of how they know

They should be acting 
And yet

Instead of
Accept this

We created 
Based on gods
That are myths
Nothing more
Than stories 

To justify

And make
Feel better
By thinking

That some
Invisible guy
In the sky
Is going to
Make all
The wrong we

Have done
Go away
While giving our
Souls we don't

Even have anymore
An eternal

To live in
After we die 
Yeah because

That makes sense
As we are
Fighting over
Whose idea
Of eternity

And who gets us there

Is better
Children are dying
The earth itself

Is crying 

As ourselves
We are destroying
Fighting wars
We have forgotten
The reasons for which
We are even
We were lied

To about anyway
Living now
As nothing more

Than hamsters

Stuck on a wheel
Trying hard

But getting nowhere
Always wondering

Yet never bothering

To even learn
The reason why 
No wonder it's always

The blind

Leading the blind 

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