Uplifting gem

to my wife

Uplifting gem

You’re in my blood
You’re in my brain
Im tie to you
But without chains
My porcelain doll
With big eyes
You’re my feather in the wind
Romantic whispering on the pillow
My life driven force
My sane voice
That don’t let me to sink
Uplifting gem
Diamond in the crown
My calm port
You’re my sunshine
in the mist of life
With you i want to dance forever
In playground of our happynes
With you nothing is impossible
There is no boundaries
I cant live without you
You’re my present and my future
Everlasting string of joy
You’re shape of blessing
You and me are pieces
of one single universe

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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

this is beautiful

i particularly like the phrase "uplifting gem" because it portrays your wife as a source of hope, peace, and higher things in life.  

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Thanks a lot...that was

Thanks a lot...that was exactly the point