Monthly Archive for October 2015

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The dog and the cat Prose jorgekuri26 Oct 26th
My father's telescope Prose danielruizz Oct 26th
The volcano and the bird Poem Germanvp Oct 27th
My great aunt`s house Poem Germanvp Oct 27th
Prose Poem Poem patososa Oct 27th
The Great Cockroach Poem patososa Oct 27th
Clear Black and Ice Poem thinkofitasthrift Oct 27th
Tied Poem Asavage1220 #pastlove Oct 27th
Dream of an adventure Poem Asavage1220 #life#worlyadventure Oct 27th
The devil Poem Asavage1220 2 #evilman Oct 27th
Black Jacket Poem poetry_freak Oct 27th
The Big Baseball Game Poem oscarvillarreal Oct 27th
My grandfather's pen Poem oscarvillarreal Oct 27th
To The One Poem KindredSpirit 2 Oct 27th
You Have The Power Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 27th
Lost in Limbo at.... Poem giajl Oct 27th
Snap of Durga Puja 2015-(1) Poem bishu 2 Oct 27th
Closer Poem silver Oct 27th
Durga Puja 2015 (2) Snaps Poem bishu 2 Oct 27th
Now what Poem borbug #goverment #society #we #learn #history #dumb #admit Oct 27th
The Flock Poem RomeonJuliet113 Oct 27th
The Color is changing the leaves Poem RomeonJuliet113 Oct 27th
Cats and Dogs Poem Pablo_Redondo_Peña Oct 27th
The loss of the perfect world Poem Diegongora Oct 27th
I met you ....once. Poem giajl Oct 27th
Face it, No Escaping Death Poem deepinyourdreams Face it, No Escaping Death Oct 27th
HAND OF THE BEAST Poem Anonymous The “HAND OF THE BEAST” to affect it’s millennium least. Is here for the endgame plan upon the prepared land for a thousand year span. Oct 27th
POWER LIVES IN THE SHADOW’S FIST Poem Anonymous #Injustice #me #you Oct 27th
the confounding continuing Poem MarianHinojosa Oct 27th
Christmas Spirit Poem MarianHinojosa Oct 27th
Depression Poem Rebecca 3 Oct 27th
Drinking alone. Poem DeffAngell Oct 27th
Happy Madness Poem DeffAngell Oct 27th
First Book. (me and my Fox wrote that) Poem DeffAngell 1 books, Epic, God, meaning, wine Oct 27th
i don't want to drink with you anymore Poem rose Oct 27th
laugh with the kings Poem rose 1 Oct 27th
sex, love, hate... Poem MrButscheid Oct 27th
A whole New Start Poem a01193065 Valeria de León and Daniel Pons Oct 27th
Im finally free! Poem mrpoofs Oct 27th
We will run Poem PersistentLassie 1 #persistence#resistence#love#us#together#forever#youandme Oct 27th
Canvas Poem Asavage1220 #god #art #world Oct 27th
Your fire. Poem not_an_addict Oct 27th
When You Get There You Will Know It Prose KindredSpirit Oct 27th
My Grandmother´s bells Prose Diegongora Oct 27th
It Is Poem KindredSpirit Oct 28th
Suspended Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 28th
Lofty Peaks Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 28th
The sun and the Moon Paradox Poem rica96 Oct 28th
My Self-Confidence Poem MissSaigon Oct 28th
Sex Drive Poem MissSaigon Oct 28th
Playboy Companion Poem MissSaigon Oct 28th
Who I Am Now Poem MissSaigon Oct 28th
This Lullaby Poem MissSaigon Oct 28th
I Hear You Screaming Poem MissSaigon Oct 28th
I'm So Sorry Poem MissSaigon Oct 28th
That day Poem borbug #selfesteem #awake #spiritual #private Oct 28th
Darkness Poem MoonCruxCollision 6 Darkness, freedom, Halloween, nightfall, sadness, spirit, twilight Oct 28th
Rest Assured Poem KingofWords security Oct 28th
Sun Chases the Moon! Poem KingofWords love Oct 28th
Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso Poem KingofWords Hope Oct 28th
Tension Poem KingofWords tension Oct 28th
আজব মন! Poem KingofWords mind Oct 28th
কষ্ট অভিশাপ নয়, আশীর্বাদ Poem KingofWords Pain Oct 28th
হঠাৎ কি হয় তোমার? Poem KingofWords strange Oct 28th
কল ওয়েটিং Poem KingofWords call waiting Oct 28th
Reading the Newspaper [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords 2 Rhyme Oct 28th
My Nursery Rhyme [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords 2 Rhyme Oct 28th
Coffee [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords 2 Rhyme Oct 28th
What a Mess! [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords 2 Rhyme Oct 28th
ঢিল ছুড়ে কে রে? [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 28th
স্বপ্নে আসা দৈত্য! [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 28th
উটের দৌড় [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 28th
মশার জ্বালায় বসা দায়! [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 28th
স্বপ্নবাজ আমি [Bangla Song] Poem KingofWords Song Oct 28th
জীবনের কাছে [Bangla Song] Poem KingofWords Song Oct 28th
Enough Poem not_an_addict Oct 28th
Limnology, is Rill the One Poem giajl Oct 28th
My Father’s Office Poem a01192959 Oct 28th
The mouse and the hyena Poem a01192959 1 Oct 28th
Desk Poem allets 2 Oct 28th
How Rumors Start Poem allets 2 Oct 28th
Rocky Horror Heartbreak Songs Poem ramonathompsont Oct 28th
Knockin' On Halloween's Door Poem ramonathompsont Oct 28th
Do what you gotta do Poem juliothegreat Oct 28th
Euthanasia Poem AquarianMale Oct 28th
Who Can Judge Poem Dlr 3 #judge #jury #insane #sane #crazy #love #sad #noise #humans #touch #brain Oct 28th
You Are Beautiful Prose mypersonalpoems777 4 #abandoned, #Beauty, #Drugs, #Left behind, #love Oct 28th
Sonata, For Chateau And Sheer, White Stockings Poem Starward Oct 29th
You Are A Gift Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 29th
Upholsterer Poem Juliet8 3 Oct 29th
Busy Work Poem AngryLaughter 3 Oct 29th
Conversation Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 29th
The Democracy Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 29th
Interstellar Love Poem darkpool 3 Oct 29th
My Grandfather christmas tradition Poem JessicaRodriguez Oct 29th
CONFLICT Poem pbenarumairaj 2 Conflict between man and beast and destruction to nature by nuclear crime Oct 29th
Learn Who To Keep And When To Just Let Go Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 29th
"you know you're pretty washed up and burned out by now right" Poem pldappls Oct 29th
Emotional Complications (Rant towards Stress) Poem PersistentLassie 2 Describing Thoughts Oct 29th
Ashu Poem PersistentLassie 2 #Love #Relationships #romantic #happy #sweet Oct 29th
How it goes Poem borbug Oct 29th
Nothing Lasts Forever Poem swaymelikethesea 2 Oct 29th
তোমায় পেতে তাবিজ দরকার নেই Poem KingofWords সুন্দর মন Oct 29th
অভিমানী তুমি Poem KingofWords অভিমান Oct 29th
Butterfly [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 29th
Jogging is Good [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 29th
Witches and Their Familiars Poem allets Oct 29th
গিটার বাজাই! [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 29th
সকাল থেকে বৃষ্টি হচ্ছে [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 29th
Between you and me. Poem silver Oct 29th
Loving You as Always Poem KingofWords love Oct 29th
A Problem We Must Accept And Fix Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 29th
Battles Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 29th
Waiting Poem not_an_addict Oct 29th
The Butterfly Effect Poem bcoady14 #life #motivation #deepthinking #positivity #love Oct 29th
Women like me Poem not_an_addict 4 Oct 29th
Psychodelia Poem mrpoofs Oct 29th
If I Succumb to Sleep I'm Poem giajl Oct 29th
If I could. Poem not_an_addict Oct 29th
Stress cooking Poem cristyjg Oct 29th
His Addiction Poem not_an_addict Oct 30th
My Garden Poem LastMinutePost 1 #morbid #dark #death Oct 30th
Magic mirror. Poem silver Oct 30th
The Raven and the Blue Jay Poem paulinazk animals, Birds, fable, friendship, moral Oct 30th
My Father’s Cameras Poem paulinazk Prose poem Oct 30th
FABLE- The precious stone and the seed Poem angelzh98 #fable Oct 30th
Prose Poem- My grandparents’ house Poem angelzh98 #prose #poem Oct 30th
Chemistry Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 30th
Untrailed Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 30th
My grandfather’s “magic shed” Poem Moethien Prose poem Oct 30th
My Grandmother´s Wig Poem JulioR. Wig Oct 30th
Our New Life Together Poem kfosado Oct 30th
Just Woke Up Poem KindredSpirit 4 Oct 30th
Silence, my friend Poem PersistentLassie Deep thinking, introversion Oct 30th
You Can Look At Me Poem mypersonalpoems777 attraction, chemistry, romance Oct 30th
The populous lies Poem silver 2 Oct 30th
I'd Just Like to Say... Poem giajl Oct 30th
Wake Up And Get Over Yourself Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 30th
the cat and the dog fable Poem maurihijuelos fable Oct 30th
Footnote: Autumn, 1977; 2 Poem Starward Oct 30th
Footnote: Elegy For A Diplomat Poem Starward Oct 30th
One Piece of Paper Poem KindredSpirit Oct 30th
The volcano and the bird Poem mariana_cumx Oct 30th
My great grandfather’s poetry notebooks. Poem mariana_cumx Oct 30th
Healing Will Come Poem fleurdelis healing, hurt, my journey Oct 30th
I Am Free Poem fleurdelis Abuse, Betrayal, healing, hurt, neglect Oct 30th
Fable:Long Ago Poem JessicaRodriguez Oct 30th
Long ago Oscar Nassar Poem Nassar Oct 30th
Wait here comes another Poem silver Oct 30th
My grandma's legacy Poem Paula Oct 30th
My aunt’s tape recorder Poem kfosado Oct 30th
Unattainable Peace Poem MissSaigon Oct 30th
My Grandfather’s Elephant Poem Ferjaime Oct 30th
I Ran Hard, Poem giajl Oct 30th
The Paradox (Fable) Poem marifermohamed Oct 30th
My grandmother's pistol. Poem Patricio-A.-Car... Oct 30th
Freshman Year Poem MissSaigon Oct 30th
The Wolf and the Stag Poem Patricio-A.-Car... Oct 30th
Friends and greed don´t mix Poem gabriel-romo #fable Oct 30th
Friends and greed don´t mix Poem FedericoGarzaY #fable Oct 30th
My grandfathers study Poem gabriel-romo #memory #family Oct 30th
Thread cutting shears, blood-stained windpipe. Poem Patricio-A.-Car... Oct 30th
My Father´s Music CD´s Poem rica96 #bestpoemeva #l4l Oct 30th
My Grandfather's Whiskey Stash Poem saidamin Oct 30th
My Dad's Inherited Car Prose Poem Poem Pablo_Redondo_Peña Oct 30th
Sophomore Year Poem MissSaigon Oct 30th
Winter Romance Poem MissSaigon Oct 30th
Mellifluous Poem angelkilos #Erotica #Love #Desire #Fantasy #Sex #succubus #incubus #nymphs #maidens #Draconis Blackthorne# Satanic Serenades Oct 30th
Remind Me Poem MissSaigon Oct 30th
Cats and Dogs Prose JulioR. Creation Oct 30th
My father as my soccer trainer Prose maurihijuelos Oct 30th
My grandfather's fishing kit Prose marcelo_jauregui Oct 30th
Brave Prose Paula fable Oct 30th
The bear and the seal Prose Cristelvp Oct 30th
My dad's books Prose Cristelvp Oct 30th
Fable:End of the world Poem anakarenfdz Oct 31st
My Uncle's quillpen Poem anakarenfdz Oct 31st
Footnote: Gardening Poem Starward Oct 31st
Footnote: Sculptor Poem Starward Oct 31st
Footnote: Poolside Poem Starward Oct 31st
Footnote: Hawaii Poem Starward Oct 31st
Footnote: Seaside Poem Starward 2 Oct 31st
“My grandfather´s couch” Poem KatianaFN Oct 31st
Neutral Poem satishverma 1 # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 31st
Talking To A Friend Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Oct 31st
Grey Poem adrianaUramos ethos Oct 31st
Night To Remember Poem kaliforniakick couples, cute, date, Halloween, love, romantic Oct 31st
The Journey Fable Poem ArturoCantu Oct 31st
My great grandfather’s bayonet Poem ArturoCantu Oct 31st
Battle Poem Crystaliali Oct 31st
My Fault Poem Crystaliali Oct 31st
Stopped Poem Crystaliali Oct 31st
Stop Poem Crystaliali Oct 31st
For A Moment.... Or.... Poem giajl Oct 31st
I can't dance and I can't sing. Poem adamziolkowski funny, geek, Internet, Make Money Tonight Review Make Money Tonight System Make Money Tonight Software Make Money Tonight Oct 31st
The glorious Texans glass Poem ruben_treviño Oct 31st
The bear and the seal Poem ruben_treviño Oct 31st
the new world Poem jcampa3 Oct 31st
poem jorge campa Poem jcampa3 Oct 31st
AFFECTION Poem AngryLaughter 1 Oct 31st
Political Poem allets Oct 31st
Old Timex Poem eugeniod Oct 31st
Picking up the pieces Poem silver Oct 31st
মাথায় পড়েছে তাল [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 31st
গরুর গাড়ি [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 31st
Hollow Years Flow As Poem giajl Oct 31st
গোধূলি বেলায় তোমায় দেখতে চাই Poem KingofWords love Oct 31st
অন্ধকারের আলো! Poem KingofWords দার্শনিক Oct 31st
No Means No! [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Oct 31st
Jungle [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords 2 Rhyme Oct 31st
In The Corner Poem ksdw anger, bereavement, death, grief, loss, Pain, sadness Oct 31st
No One Cares ..... Whether I ...... Poem giajl Oct 31st
‘VAGINA DIALOG’ Poem Anonymous adult Oct 31st
LILY OF THE VALLEY Poem Anonymous Your soft gentle elegance with your hypnotic Shewa accent has given me an intoxicating taste of your unforgettable place. Oct 31st
Fly swatter Poem silver Oct 31st
Rooms Poem mypersonalpoems777 Encounters, friends, groups, parties Oct 31st
MY FATHER IS LIKE ME Poem CharlieAlanis64 1 Oct 31st
Planet Earth Poem CharlieAlanis64 2 Oct 31st
Sleeping with the devil. Poem not_an_addict 1 Oct 31st
Aks Poem mrpoofs Oct 31st
Learning Just to Fly Poem Dont_punch_grandpa 1 Oct 31st
"Death...No.1 Killer of Life" Prose deepinyourdreams Death, No.1 Killer of Life Oct 31st