#lost love

Empty handed

All and nothing

For you moulded in my moment,

A hero in hesitation,

Sweep away, sweep away,

Passionate unhinderance,

Forgotten follied thoughts,

Lain yesterday’s dreams,,

Lancing reality,

Sweeps away, sweeps away,

My hero of the pedestal.

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A Love Beyond Words

A love beyond words

led our way into music,

delivering blissful sensations of song.

A love beyond words

brought connections in glowing,

confirming a promise with you here among.


A love clearly present,

and true to the season,

as I came to cherish the joys you'd provide.

A love beyond words

nearly came here to save me,

but now only words, bleed each pen until dried.





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Moonlight a fading dream

In this dark blue sky, the moonlight glows and sways throught the darkness.

The light so sweet, pale and heavy I become obsessed with it.

I stare alone under the moonlight calling out your name searching for a future in the light.

In a night where I can grasp at nothing but memories.

There is no moment day or night I don't think of what could have been.

Let my wandering heart reach you through the moonlight and call my name so my heart can reach wherever and meet yours in the moonlight.

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you used to like

talking to me.

do you remember?


i remember

your eyes on mine.

so alive    excited, blue.

you used to wait




you used to want

to hear my words.


do you remember?

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