Strange Yet Genuine


I may be 
A strange one

Yes it may be

All I know

How to be 
I may be 
A strange one

But at least
I know
I'm free

My thoughts
No matter

How chaotic

They might be

Are not yours 
No they come not
From you

But from within me
And I share them proudly
Sick of hiding shyly  
I embrace my weirdness

My oddities
Like the medals
Of honor they are

And let them
Scream out of me


And brilliant
As poetic
Works of art
From my very soul
I, like you,

Have a story to tell
And my story
Will be told
My way
For it is
The only way
That makes sense to me
Yes I may be
A strange one

But at least I am genuine
Unique and true

To me

Tell me something

And tell me true
Are you
True to you 


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