Silent no more

Silent no more

By JFarrell


All my life

I have been silent

I stutter,

People have always ridiculed me,

Talked over me

Finished my sentences for me;

Made me insignificant,



No more!

No-one has to listen to anything I say,

It makes no difference to me,

It’s not important;

But, I’m not staying silent any longer.

I will say what I want to say

I will shout if you try to silence me…

What gives you, or anyone, the right?


I give myself the right

To have a voice

To be heard

And if you don’t like

What I say

Or the way I say

Suck it up!

Shut your mouth

Show another human being respect.

All my life

You have treated me like you’re better than me;

You know what?

You ain’t!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i am officially a biggob :)

For Listening to Your Voice Alone

For listening to your voice alone,

For talking to you for a minute at least,

I keep on waiting like a beggar,

Without you I feel like the one deceased!


I have fallen in love with you,

More for your mesmerizing voice,

Than for your celestial beauty,

Listening to your words I rejoice!


Your hair dark as a raven’s wings,


To my heart boundless joy brings!

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Your Voice Touches My Heart

As Qawwali music does enthrall the heart,

Your sweet voice touches me similarly,

I cannot express how I exactly feel,

Like the arctic wind your voice chills me mostly.


As soon as you speak,

Like a hare I start to hear,

Every single word coming from your mouth,

It seems like someone is playing a piano near!


O my love! Your voice is sweeter than a cuckoo!


Once heard, like Shammi Kapoor my heart goes ‘YAHOO’!

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Fearing for the breath I've wasted,

partnerships I've complicated,

feelings spoken, understated,

notes that had been mistranslated;

I thought it best to rein by choice

the strident mewling of my voice

and after which I could rejoice,

as those I'd lost returned to me.

Like waves colliding with the shore,

my words will light upon their door

and press themselves against the floor

to pass beneath and beg, implore

their presence to return to mine.

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Sorry, Could You Say That Again?

Yes, I hear you.

I'm giving you all the attention I could possibly give you,

But the problem here is simply that I can't process you.


Now allow me to explain.

You see, the vibration and number of sound waves in a woman's voice makes it harder for men to decipher what you're saying.

When it comes to processing a woman's voice,

We use the more complex auditory part of our brain.

This part of the brain is for processing music and poetry.

The most beautiful thing the human ear can hear!


When you speak, I get lost in a melody.

Your mouth is moving, that I can see,

But something just takes over me.

This melody sets my mind free.


And though nothing you just said adheres,

Your voice is music to my ears.

…So could you just repeat that last thing you said again?


- The Truth


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've been writing in class a lot lately, and I think it's really starting to show in my work. This one is about how men's brains process voices.
Let me know what you think. It's inspired by a moment when I has having my first in depth conversation with this girl I know and I was afraid she didn't think i was listening to her.

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The Voice Of Ambiance (Science and Poetry)


Sometimes I just sit with my headphones on,

Listening to the ambient sounds in the background of music,

The the mumbled voices that pass me by,

The creaking of the walls as the breeze rolls over,

And I can make out these sounds,

these voices,

calling out,

escaping the ambiance,

Begging to be heard.


And what do they say?

I hear them say what needs to be heard when I need it most.

I hear “hold onto hope,” “hang on, you've searched for so long,”

“You will find it!”

And I trust them.

They are what helped me find the line between right and wrong

But just as soon as these voices come to be, They're gone.


It's why I continue to listen,

song after song,

Trying to pick out these words telling me to search on.


Though I know It's all in my head.

It's amazing what the human mind is capable of.

We try to make voices out of every sound we hear,

Faces out of every image we see.

Every image and sound we take in is bent to be what we want it to be.

All reality... is subjective.

Based on our subconscious desires,

What we truly want!

It's beautiful.

A combination of science and poetry.


And just what is it that I truly want?

Just what could it be?

Well, every voice that I hear does sound like a certain somebody.

And every person I see in the distance resembles her in both face and body.


Maybe I'll just throw my headphones back on and get lost in the sea of ambient sound.

Let my subconscious talk to me through the background of the music until my answer is found.

Just waiting for the subtle whispers to... Wait!

There it was, this is it!

Her voice.

Now my Voice.

But what am I saying?

It's so unclear, I wish I could just dive into the sound-waves and see,

Please! Speak up, give me some clarity!


Then I hear it.

I hear my mind telling me what I need to hear,

and I agree.

It says “Only with you can I truly be me.”


- The Insomniac


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I would really like feedback on this piece in particular because it is currently my favorite one I've written so far.

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Poet, Speak! or forever be silent


a poem is the funeral pyre
of pulsations, once exhumed
but now still present;
fueled by the flame of our
rue-filled memories

a poet is the gathering together
of thought and hope
that intermingle with the
burnished trim of
a late afternoon sky

and poetry is a dream
garbed in bilious words
whose raiment is laced
by meandering verse and
be-jeweled by barely parted lips:

It takes but a whisper
to free the wandering soul.


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Lost Voice

At least everyone must experience
a muted person,
to be left listening, not talking
and incessantly interrupting
the orchestra of Life's happenings.

-Ryan K. Fuller

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No comment

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