Society Is What We See Right Through

Running around
In circles
Burning to the ground
Every last bit

Of individuality
That is found
Leaving us
Drowning in the ashes
From which
We raise like

The phoenix
Ready to
Stand our ground

And strike again
With a vengeance

Never seen before
Or even thought of
The very thought

Of rising above
When it makes

Others uncomfortable
Makes the rebel
The dreamer
The intelect laugh
Because that
Is the reality

Those like us

Do face daily

And we face it

As gracefully
Yet also as bluntly
As can be

Because we know
The more sensitive
The subject
The more

Of a disservice
It truly is
To beat around the bush
Pretending it's something

It is not
So go ahead society
Let your lies
Lead you in circles

The brainwashed
Are all too happy
To follow 
Just don't expect me

To follow suit

Because if nothing else

Hell atleast I
See right through you 

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