saving you from myself

I tried to change 


Instead i think ill stay the same 


I put myself out there


Im the only one to blame 


For this pain 


That i feel inside my heart 


I knew already from the start


My eyes dont shed a single tear..


An aching chest is all i feel.


I just want to go to sleep


I just want a little peace.


Never again no more, no more..


And then you show up at my door..


It is easier to be alone,


Just live my life in mono tone.  


As i lie with you in bed


I begin to think in my head 


Holding you for now is nice.


But i know real soon ill pay its price.


Ill start to push you away


Really wanting you to stay 


How can i love 


How can i trust


I will never be good enough


I was raised to only lust


For the men


Who only want me just in bed.


Anything more


Im out the door. 


You will cheat that i kno..


I will cheat if i think so..


Terribly really that i turned out this way..


I just want to be ok..


And have a happy home.


But this feeling is all i know


And with this feeling you will go..


Dont turn back if i say so.


Im really saving you from myself..


Its a blessing.


I cant be helped. 
























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