The reason I touched my phone during dinner



it was that moment when you know

just intuitively know...

in the pits of your body

or heart

or soul

just somewhere

in the being you’ve become

in the world without warning…

somewhere you just know…

that you won’t work…

it was that sorrowful second when

it’s over eventually


one day



it was that moment when you know


that you won’t work


by the way he just made you laugh

right here

right now



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was out for dinner with my former partner, we had had a bad fight and I had decided to try and see if we could make it work, and he said something, and for a second I felt contempt for him for it and in that second it hit me that we wouldn't work and couln't work if I had contempt for him, really truly had contempt, and then he said something else and we laughed and the feeling lifted and I realised it wasn't was just me being a bit hurt still and deffensive..and we did work, were working, and could always work... anyhows I grabbed my phone and texted myself the poem...hope that it captured the feeling... 

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