My Worn Out Mind


There is a hole
In my heart
So cold and black
I fear there
May be
No coming back
There is a hole

Where my soul
Should be

I guess the enemy

Beat it out of me 
Bullied to

The point

Of insanity

What you see now

Is what
They left of me 
A chaotic ball of insanity
Trying to make sense
Of a reality

Not meant to
Make sense to anybody
Who is actually

Paying attention
I open my eyes
To gain clarity
For my mind
Grown so weary
Patience wearing thin
Waiting for the war
To end all wars
To finally begin
I drag myself
Out of bed again
Knowing that

No matter what
Does happen
The war that comes
Just like the one
We are already fighting

Is one we cannot

And will not
Ever win


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I really love this.