Monthly Archive for June 2010

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Passion Poem hcogirl2010 1 Passion Jun 14th
I think I have realize Poem geneconner2008 Jun 14th
I Find Her Lounging Outside Poem hcogirl2010 In Memory Jun 14th
THE MEETING Poem heatherburns35 2 the meeting Jun 14th
Here I Am Poem hcogirl2010 love Jun 14th
Carol Poem hcogirl2010 1 In Memory Jun 14th
battle rap for haters Poem belial_lair 1 Addiction Jun 14th
HOW I MISS MY LUSH LILY Poem emmenay Jun 14th
MY GOD HAS MADE MY BELOVED SO LOVELY!!! Poem emmenay 3 Jun 14th
On the death of my mom Poem cerulean_soulhaze 1 Jun 14th
A Remedy of Love Poem desert_rose Endurance Jun 15th
Ode to friendship Poem darkapprentice Jun 15th
I Wanna Feel Your Love (For All Time) Poem IntoTheDawn 1 love Jun 15th
Conversando en Verso Poem orishaman 1 Abstract Jun 15th
what it might be like Poem quidseeker Jun 15th
TO THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD Poem chris 1 Abstract Jun 15th
ALL I WANT IS A GIRLFRIEND Poem chris 2 Abstract Jun 15th
It seem like time stop Poem geneconner2008 Jun 15th
Xanex Poem lavalady 1 Jun 15th
THINGS NOT TO SAY IN A CROWDED ELEVATOR Poem chris 1 Abstract Jun 15th
ECHOES ARE HEARD Poem heatherburns35 1 echoe are heard Jun 15th
I Just Call You Mine Poem hcogirl2010 family Jun 15th
Her Homecoming Poem 41tulips Jun 15th
YOU Poem chris Abstract Jun 15th
THE COOLNESS OF HER LOVE Poem emmenay 1 Jun 15th
A MAGIC CARPET RIDE * Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 15th
THE VOLUPTUOUS ENCOUNTER * Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Jun 15th
El Favor Poem orishaman Human Nature Jun 15th
El Afan Poem orishaman Lost love Jun 15th
Memento Mori Poem orishaman Dark Jun 15th
Libertad Poem orishaman Spirituality Jun 15th
Missing Poem dolphin Breaking Up Jun 15th
El Nido Poem orishaman Abstract Jun 15th
COME HOME MY CHILD Poem heatherburns35 1 Jun 15th
Zapata y Albizu Poem orishaman Political Jun 15th
Boy, you aren't there anymore. Poem thelostone9394 love Jun 16th
Hey baby... Poem thelostone9394 Pain/Sorrow Jun 16th
Revenge Poem fat_sweaty_bob Jun 16th
What have you done?! Poem fat_sweaty_bob Jun 16th
Spread my wings Poem thelostone9394 Lost love Jun 16th
Used... Poem fat_sweaty_bob Jun 16th
Secret feelings Poem geneconner2008 Jun 16th
Sleepwalking Poem metaphorist 1 Jun 16th
One Step at a time. Poem thelostone9394 Life/Living Jun 16th
Driving with Company Poem metaphorist 1 Jun 16th
Life Poem fat_sweaty_bob Jun 16th
How could you Poem fat_sweaty_bob Jun 16th
THE GHOSTS Poem ladydp2000 Dark Jun 16th
Quotes by me...Chad Browder Poem exthias1983 Life/Living Jun 16th
Absence Poem hemaidy 1 Jun 16th
A wise woman Poem hemaidy 2 Jun 16th
MY GRAVITATIONAL JOURNEY * Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 16th
SAD Poem elizamynelly sadness Jun 16th
BIBLE STUDY Poem chris Abstract Jun 16th
THE JOURNEY Poem ladydp2000 Dark Jun 16th
FROM THE EDGE Poem ladydp2000 Life/Living Jun 16th
IT'S TIME Poem ladydp2000 Life/Living Jun 16th
CHURCH Poem chris Abstract Jun 16th
You don't need me anymore. Poem not_an_addict 1 Jun 16th
أنا Poem hamsa Jun 16th
Flatline Poem metaphorist 1 Jun 16th
بختى Poem hamsa Jun 16th
Life Poem shawon1982 youth Jun 16th
Kings and Queens Poem tk2003 1 Jun 17th
False Promises Poem rocky Jun 17th
Triste Poem thelohaspiral Jun 17th
But this poem isn't about that Poem dolphin Breaking Up Jun 17th
The Lifeless Forest Poem soulive2213 Jun 17th
I Remember Him Still Poem vilmazab 2 Jun 17th
Unfaitful Poem MisterSuperstar 1 Jun 17th
THE SENTINEL Poem ladydp2000 Life/Living Jun 17th
Untitled Poem lovelymissrai Jun 17th
KEYS TO MY HEART Poem ladydp2000 romance Jun 17th
OH.! NIGHT OF DELIGHT Poem heatherburns35 1 Jun 17th
We are starting over Poem geneconner2008 Jun 17th
Questions Poem pikurpoison Abstract Jun 17th
Broken Hallelujah Poem metaphorist 1 Jun 17th
Sometime you feel Poem geneconner2008 Jun 17th
I Curse Your Name Poem lovelymissrai Jun 17th
A Friend Forever Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jun 17th
Imperfect Poem metaphorist Jun 17th
TO YOUR HEALTH Poem ladydp2000 inspiration Jun 18th
Black Tide Poem wkamen Nature/Environment Jun 18th
Just For You Poem quadxbard 3 love Jun 18th
Without Religion Poem elliot_jordan2003 religion Jun 18th
If You Want To Know Me Poem vilmazab 4 Jun 18th
YOU Poem ladydp2000 Jun 18th
Stop Crying Girl Poem vilmazab 7 Jun 18th
There You Are Poem hcogirl2010 Lost love Jun 18th
MY HEART Poem heatherburns35 Jun 18th
YOUR CHOICEST INTOXICANT* Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Jun 18th
Nice view Poem hemaidy 1 Jun 18th
আমার তুমি Poem shawon1982 1 youth Jun 18th
Hidden Love Poem wkamen 1 love Jun 18th
Winters Kiss Poem MisterSuperstar 3 Jun 18th
Against the Flow Poem metaphorist 1 Jun 18th
Prayers Poem dmjmotivation religion Jun 18th
Play It By Heart Poem metaphorist 1 Jun 18th
I feel like Poem geneconner2008 Jun 18th
All Alone Poem babe1233 Jun 19th
Try Poem hcogirl2010 1 Pain/Sorrow Jun 19th
DEAR ED Poem vilmazab 1 Jun 19th
THE GRIM DETAILS * Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 19th
GRANDMA AT NIGHT Poem chris Abstract Jun 19th
Epigram On The Peot's Peoms Poem Starward Jun 19th
LADY IN WHITE Poem heatherburns35 3 Jun 19th
THIS LADY IN GREEN Poem heatherburns35 1 Jun 19th
SINKING * Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 19th
CHAINS OF GOLD Poem heatherburns35 2 chains of gold Jun 19th
Happy father’s day! Poem ozzypoemgirl Jun 19th
Fortesa Veselaj : Darfur Poem sudan Abuse Jun 19th
Mourn Poem playbunny Abstract Jun 19th
LADY IN BLACK Poem heatherburns35 2 Jun 19th
A SLIVER OF SUNSHINE* Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 19th
Tell me why.. Poem LosingMyself Anger NonViolent Jun 19th
Pete the Artist Poem ashaumyan Culture/Society Jun 19th
Scare Poem rocky Jun 20th
Work in Progress 2 Poem aliera86 Jun 20th
No so and so Poem hemaidy 2 Jun 20th
At Bishop Stephen Gardiner's Plunge Into Hell Poem Starward Abuse Jun 20th
Pleasure and Pain Poem aliera86 1 Jun 20th
DEAD SEXY* Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 20th
Waiting...for the dark side of the moon! Poem SoulKritiC 4 Abstract Jun 20th
It feels like the end Poem nighthawk21 Jun 20th
Four Seasons: first of the four cycles Poem bjeg2000 1 Life/Living Jun 20th
Irony of Death Poem bjeg2000 Existence Jun 20th
does it call for love? Poem omarotten Jun 20th
red light fuck me Poem omarotten Jun 20th
Untitled 1 Poem bjeg2000 1 Emotionless Jun 20th
I Tried Poem not_an_addict Jun 20th
Friendship At The Very Best Poem vilmazab 2 Jun 20th
Not her Not today Poem crag30 Lost love Jun 20th
WHEN JOHNNY LEFT HOME. Poem kiwi Comedy/Humor Jun 20th
Four Seasons: third of the four cycles Poem bjeg2000 Life/Living Jun 20th
Four Seasons: fourth of the four cycles Poem bjeg2000 1 Life/Living Jun 20th
Four Seasons: second of the four cycles Poem bjeg2000 Life/Living Jun 20th
Never Give Up On Life Poem dancing_corpse18 Life/Living Jun 21st
Maganda Poem hemaidy 1 Jun 21st
Untethered Poem dolphin Jun 21st
SPRINGTIME Poem chris Nature/Environment Jun 21st
GLASS MIMICRY SHATTERED* Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 21st
THERE ARE THOSE DAYS Poem ladydp2000 Life/Living Jun 21st
SATURN'S ENVY * Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 21st
Kalila Wa Dimna Poem hemaidy Jun 21st
Cantico Interno Poem orishaman Abstract Jun 21st
Never Special Poem blueeyes 1 Jun 22nd
WHO IS THE BETTER WOMAN? Poem emmenay 1 Jun 22nd
At The Guard's Testimony Poem Starward Faith Jun 22nd
Never thing that prayer. Poem geneconner2008 Jun 22nd
Hate and Envy (My Torture) Poem exthias1983 Anger NonViolent Jun 22nd
MY SWEETEST EVER GAIN Poem emmenay Jun 22nd
Rest in pieces Poem geneconner2008 Jun 22nd
SWEETEST DAFFODIL Poem emmenay 1 Jun 22nd
Unchanging Truth Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jun 22nd
SANDEEP, THE PEARL Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 22nd
On Writing Poem bjeg2000 Word Play Jun 22nd
GLORIOUS COMPLIMENTS OF LOVE RECEIVED* Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 22nd
Never thing that prayer. Poem christianpoetry... Jun 22nd
Now It's Time To Go Poem vilmazab 1 Jun 22nd
SWEET SIN? Poem emmenay Jun 22nd
A BRIEF INOCULATION # Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 22nd
eye's meet Poem hemaidy 2 Jun 23rd
I'LL MISS YOU, RUTH Poem chris 1 Abstract Jun 23rd
Affair part 5 Abuse part 1 Poem xio1818 Abuse Jun 23rd
Affair part 4 Poem xio1818 Addiction Jun 23rd
Elegy in Thought Poem bjeg2000 Existence Jun 23rd
Affair part 1 Poem xio1818 Addiction Jun 23rd
CHRISTMAS Poem chris Abstract Jun 23rd
Lace Poem hemaidy 1 Jun 23rd
I'M SORRY Poem chris 2 Abstract Jun 23rd
Hating Me Poem lavalady 1 Jun 23rd
NO REVELATIONS Poem profrksingh 1 Jun 23rd
Poem for my Friend Poem rashmiitz Jun 23rd
it seems Poem thecrazypalekid Jun 23rd
In the autumn fields Poem hemaidy 1 Jun 23rd
MY POETIC THANK YOU (RED MAN'S REPLY ' A SUBTLE CARESS') Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 23rd
in search Poem mylovep0etry Jun 23rd
TRUE BLISS Poem emmenay Jun 23rd
Affair part2 Poem xio1818 Addiction Jun 23rd
LISTEN TO MY PLEA, O MY GOOD GOD Poem emmenay 2 Jun 23rd
Affair part 3 Poem xio1818 Addiction Jun 23rd
Nothing To Call My Own Poem wishful_thinking Jun 24th
AN UNLIKELY SCANDALOUS IMAGE Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 24th
THE EPITAPH Poem emmenay 1 Jun 24th
Glitter and Gold Poem wishful_thinking Jun 24th
Faded Poem lovelymissrai 1 Jun 24th
DISTANT DURANTE'S Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 24th
sh***t happens Poem odysseus 1 Jun 24th
One-In-A-Million Poem wishful_thinking Jun 24th
HEARTS OF STONE Poem emmenay Jun 25th
REMEMBERING JASMINE (QUATRAIN) Poem emmenay Love-filled memory. Jun 25th
Heartaches Poem cassiesilverman 1 Jun 25th
Good Night, Sunshine Poem metaphorist 1 Jun 25th
JUST LIKE "CASABLANCA" Poem emmenay Jun 25th
SLAVES OF MATERIALISM Poem emmenay 2 Jun 25th
I Must Say Poem cassiesilverman 1 Jun 25th
TRUST IS A FICKLE LOVER Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 25th
BITTERSWEET Poem emmenay Jun 25th
WHAT THIS POET FORESEES Poem emmenay Jun 25th
My Strength Poem dolphinscry13 1 Jun 25th
""Sonnets of a Boy (1-3)"" Poem darklion love Jun 25th
R.I.P. ANOTHER DAY * Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Jun 25th
Confusion in sexuality Poem xio1818 1 confusion Jun 26th
Him or Her Poem xio1818 2 confusion Jun 26th
SILENCE, EMPTY, AND NOTHING Poem chris 1 Abstract Jun 26th
Me or Him expaining Him or Her sexual secrets of me Poem xio1818 confusion Jun 26th
BIRD Poem chris 1 Abstract Jun 26th
Marching Out Poem odengalasi Jun 26th
Prince of the lore (for Esiaba Irobi) Poem odengalasi Jun 26th
THEY LOVED ME FOR MY MONEY Poem emmenay 1 Jun 26th
Sunlight Poem rania_esmat Jun 26th
STATEMENT Poem chris Abstract Jun 26th
faded roses Poem lonesomepoat 1 Suicide Jun 26th
POLITICS Poem chris 1 Political Jun 26th
GIRL IN RED Poem chris 1 Song Lyrics Jun 26th
An Echoing Truth Poem trumpet7 1 inspiration Jun 26th
NERVOUS RAIN * Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 26th
(NOT) BIRD HAIKU Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 26th
AT THE DOOR Poem chris 1 Nature/Environment Jun 26th
Inspired by Joe.... Poem honorao Jun 26th
I REGRET Poem chris 1 Abstract Jun 26th
COBBLED BEAUTY* Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 26th
Dear Lord Poem honorao 1 Jun 26th
No Title>>> Poem honorao Jun 26th
HUMANS Poem chris 1 Abstract Jun 26th
INTERMISSION* Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 26th
Anger Poem exthias1983 Anger Violent Jun 27th
keep your heart Poem odysseus Jun 27th
IN SEARCH OF YOU Poem heatherburns35 3 searching for you Jun 27th
وسيبقى الحوار مستمرا Poem desert_rose Abstract Jun 27th
The triumph of Ete Poem odengalasi Jun 27th
My husband Poem dolphinscry13 Jun 27th
It Doesnt Matter Poem not_an_addict 1 Jun 27th
The Trouble With Falling In Love Poem vilmazab 1 Jun 27th
Nonscence And Reality Poem No_Quarter Existential Jun 28th
QUEEN OF HEARTS Poem heatherburns35 1 Jun 28th
Hiding God’s Word Poem trumpet7 1 inspiration Jun 28th
Dreamer Poem No_Quarter dreams Jun 28th
Your Valentine's Day Poem Poem psychoemperor 1 love Jun 28th
My Jewish People - I am your proud son! Poem princealexander Poetry/Writing Jun 28th
This is What I Know Poem exthias1983 Faith Jun 28th
Mejunje Historico Poem orishaman History/Past Jun 28th