Widening cracks, leaking roofs

choked drains in the courtyard

water logging and myriad

such small things make rains a pain

there's no romance in rainbow

I can't shape colours of morning

morning shapes my colour

I'm the first victim of my view-s

that shape my head each day

realities and yoga conspire

drinks and pills deride from clothesline

flowers and trees speak in grey

compost of years oozes no wisdom

whatever the poetry, it stinks

idols on the beasts and cattle

overload the carriage

I can't deliver the burden

prostrate and worship

touch the feet-- foolishness

sitting on the ground

in the dust degrade

it's long fog with blurred sight

virtually blind, no seer

no revelations


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Undeliverable Burdens

~yoga and realities conspire~~ ah, a fine line indeed and a truth twice told - yes, each line is weighted with lies or half truths - Lady A