Song of the Earth



Sunrise breaks with dazzling hue

Air is sweet and wet with dew

Your heaven opens before my eyes

The sky enquires, the earth replies


The work of life begins again

She never tires, no thought of end

Millions of years to perfect her song

Unbroken until we came along


Senseless actions, greed and lust

Turned the paradise to dust

Animals that were precious jewels

Wiped from the slate by selfish fools


Air and water, ground and food

Poisoned in the name of good

We didn’t see the gift we had

We’ve lost it all, it’s just so sad


Mother can you forgive our sins

Take us back and safe within

Your loving arms from where we came

Please take us back with you again


We nuzzled warmly at your breast

We learned to pass your live here test

We took your heart without a care

We laid your paradise to bare



This work is copyright. Apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part may be reproduced by any process, nor may any other exclusive right be exercised, without the permission of Neville John Gourley,2 Sarah Court, Capalaba, Queensland 4157, dated 28-01-2014.

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Satanic Serenades

Deep In The West there is a place

A testament to Darwinian grace

Thunder under scaly feet

Roam the earth once more


Home of beasts primeival

Eyes aglow at dusk

Climb inside, a dream made reality

A visionary's quest manifest!

Monolithic creatures stare

Out upon the land

Inspiring fear and fascination

Scientific investigation

Fossils and carbon dating

Not meandering from the truth

Evolutionary exploration

Discoveries of what always was

Shall be revealed again!


Walk the path of natures squall

Adaptation, great and small

Leviathan, Behemoth thrall

Heed the Giants' call!

Prehistoric playground of the mind

Arise through mists of endless time

Quake the earth by shadows fall

Crusader crushed beneath clawed prong

Lamb consumed in bloody jaws

Devoured by predatory throng

Splinters of the cross picked clean

Rex and Dinny, King and Queen!


Realm of fire, realm of ice

Garden of terror and delights

Survival of the fittest might

Kingdoms, fight or flight

Echoes in our bones

Land of strongest life!

From smoke and raging flame

Magmatic force, new life springs forth

Black mountains, jagged rocks, labyrinthine caves

Coursing winds, pass and canyon flow

Recall the ancient stage

From blood and ash, Cabazonia is named!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by a trip to visit The Cabazon Dinosaurs in Cabazon, CA., a prehistoric total environment.

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             I don't want to get out of bed.

              These thoughts in my head.

       Rain from the sky.  A tear in my eye.

In bed is where I want to stay.  Don't want to get up today.

       It hits the window panes, affecting my brain.

           These rainy days; inside's where I want to stay.

          They get old.  They are cold.

             I can't ignore, the outdoors.

          I must face it.  I must embrace it.  

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                        I saw the moon through

                         the trees.


            The breezes were cold.  But, the moon was warm.

     A process that never gets old.    

   A wonderful story over and over and over told.

It does rise.  It does set.  A really, really, safe bet.

A moon wise.  

I wonder what it, with her eyes has seen in between.

      Up in the sky.  I could see it with my eye.

  I could see it through the trees.  See, a long way from me.

A moon, so big, silent, and stil.  

Yet for me see, a real thril.

         I, at the top of the hill.

It looks so close.  

I can't believe it is over 200,000 miles away

                   But, the facts dont deceive.

   It was dark.  The moon was big and bright and light.

                       I felt the cool breeze.

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Fall Pictures, Images and Photos

~Autumn Leaves~
(New English Style Sonnet)

The days are getting just a little cold
Summers leaving and bringing us all change
Temperature drops and weather acts strange
Nature wears new dress and reacts just bold

The birds leave their nests and just fly away
Skies will change hues in no little time
Nature plays best music when is bed time
As fall transforms and make all things brand-new

As leaves start to change hue in every tree
And they seem to fall one by one to ground
Your eyes can't help but see beauty around
As fall cool breeze makes you at times just glee

The days start getting now a little chill
And all over the place there is a thrill!

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


Thank you for reading.

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Acorns fairy Pictures, Images and Photos

~The Magic of Fall~

Fall is
One more time here
And there and you can
Feel chill in the air everywhere
Fall is very wonderful you can have much fun
In so many other ways, it's different from
The other four seasons,and just theres none
Like fall you can see the trees changing
Colours showing their beautiful hues
Sometimes you can smell cinnamon
That lingers in the air with
Pumpkin pie in the mix
Children have fun
Play with leaves
That covers

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000

September 17,2010

Thanks for reading

The 'Acorn' is a poetry form created by Dorian Petersen Potter
September 17,2010.My tribute to 'Fall' since is my favorite
season of the year that God has given us.

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fall of my life Pictures, Images and Photos

The Beauty Of Fall~

(Holy Grail)

The magic of fall never stops amazing me

Now that it is here one more time again

There are so many things that I can see

Just see it all in my minds eyes and then

Recreate it all any time that I want

And to me all the trees seem just to call

All too beautiful to be nonchalant

That I can not avert my eyes from all

The loveliness I view here

Right now all here in my head

Can't have it dissapear

Look ahead

To much more

Than all this

That just adore

And reminisce

Here all in my head today

Cause like fall theres no other I say.

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000



Thank you for reading.

The 'Holy Grail' is a poetry form created by John Henson.

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         Out of touch.

             I love this place.  I love this space.

              I love this so much

                     out of mind

               Me, see, nobody's going to find

              There's no phone.

               I'm all alone.

             No communication devices.  

               It's very nice.

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                      I am a lobster.

I used to live in the sea.  This thing has happened to me, see.

                      I am a big pot with other lobsters.

      The water in the pot is hot.  Do I like this?  I do not.

                      These fears have become my friends.

        But, now, I think our friendship is going to end.

                      I am in a big pot, as I did say.

                     Things are not going my way, this day.

           They think it's a treat.  They think it's neat.  


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