Play It By Heart

I’m not in any hurry,

but when I see you,

I’ll know.

Like that song I love so much,

I recognize it from the first note.

Something will strike a chord in me.

Everything will stop,

except my heart, of course.

That will be the only sound I hear.

The thump thump

of love at first sight.

That’s how it will be.

When I see you,

all else will be background music-

the soundtrack to our story.

My sights will be set on only you,

as will my heart.

A heart that has already picked you

even though we’ve never met.    

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Starward's picture

There are profound depths of meaning in this poem, depths that only subsequent re-readings will uncover. I am amazed that such spirituality is contained in such few words, another sign of your very formidable talent.