ten or so hours have elapsed
the shock and numbness
have not yet receded
I've fallen to my knees in a void
whirling in the black eddy
uncertain what to feel
divested momentarily of
tomorrow's joy
the width of the worry
is just too wide
to swim across
I feel so hollow
a drum casing could hold more
hope in its belly now than do I
at this moment deep down
I am an armless woman
hanging from a cliff
and some helpful stranger
is trying to pull me up
I don't want her help
I just want to fall
I'm so tired
illusive now is
the path I was on
moving forward
all my lovely visions
got mangled too
along with him
in that accident he was in
fear tastes like acid now
in my mouth
a few days from now
seems a lifetime
from today
he was so close
to being so much closer
to me physically
and now so brutally
and injured
he's yanked yet again
it matters little to me
if I even breathe
I just want to lay down
and forget
I ever existed..............
(June 19, 2010 4am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

second poem written in concern to hearing a bit more news about the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own accident. The details were vague but hopeful and this poem came to me as a form of helping me cope with the gravity of the situation.  I have since learned from he, himself that he is injured but will recover fine.

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