Automatic mode,

Our minds can also close off

Noticeably so

So Rich So Poor

I was once so god damned rich
Might be hard to understand
To have anything you wish -
No matter how large or grand

For many years I did own
In the heart of Beverly Hills
The very loveliest home
With all the finest of frills

Two acres and twenty rooms
Silk sheets gold plated brooms
Maids drivers and every tool
My life was easy and very cool

Then came the financial fire
Of two thousand and eight
I lost everything but my ire
For I saw the truth too late

Endless dominos were falling
Mandelbrot’s fractal chain
With human voices calling
In choruses of deep pain

I had my share of dominos
And debt to crooked banks
So I suffered mighty throes
And to them give no thanks

The descent was immediate
The depression hard to stop
It seemed that nothing fit
And everything was locked

Irony - pair of dice in human hand
I say looking down at Beverly Hills
Earning cash - giving sexual thrills
In the back of some stranger’s van

You say it could not happen to you
You are too smart - or this or that
But if it did - what would you do
To deal with the new set of facts

Could you - would you - should you
Where - how - when and how much
Who with - what’ll you have to do
And will you ever again find luck

There are so many questions
When you are totally broke
And too many indiscretions
Before it’s all writ and spoke

I was once so god-damned rich
And now I am so damned poor
If it wasn’t for those I’d miss
I’d say - I don’t want any more



"he's such an uppity motherfucker

dripping with douchebaggery

but he's got swag..."


*   *   * 


a collective of offended morons

who share a narrow world view

with every keystroke 

prancing along with blinders

to pervert what they see as truth

internet superheroes

 hive minded individuals

who see insufferable injustice

in every word uttered

a culture of victimhood found

in every innocuous glance their way

the first world problems of today

magnified by fanatics and sheer idiocy

social justice warriors on their high horse riding on

one way trip down the rabbit's shithole


"it's ok,  it's all a fucking safe place"

"the world as it really is and always will be can't hurt your delicate sensabilities here"

"just cover your ears and close your eyes"


la la la


la la la


la la la

this has nothing to do with you

la la la


la la la 


la la la

but maybe someday you'll piece together the fucking clues

we're the disease

and there can be no justice

as long as our race breathes

we'll always hate

we'll always kill

we'll always subjugate

we always have and always will










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ReSTRaiNeD (the Promise)



the wretched amongst the purists

quietly creeping along the outskirts

no conscious, no remorse

take it all through force


your freedom is not thinking

your freedom is not thinking


may there be no peace

may there be no satisfaction

melding together the scraps

destroy the means of edification


victims of cause

colossal the bonds

scourge of the cat-o'-nines (alleviate through the pain)

taking the time (forgiveness takes restraint)


no conscious, no remorse

take it all through force


your freedom is not thinking

your freedom is not thinking


pleasure in the pain (you reconcile)

the promises made (you reconcile)

victims of the cause (the wretched amongst the purists)

colossal the bonds (creep along the outskirts)

scourge of the cat-o'-nines (pleasure in the pain)

taking the time (the promises made)

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Once Our Great land

A great land filled with crooks and tyrants where shall we go.  My great country once but now taken for everyone not their foes.   Born here and all that I know, Grabbing my kids and on we go.  Looking high and looking low for a place not so greedy and trying to not let the sadness show.  We all line up to vote to elect someone else better, but not realizing the one we gave vote was swinging a fake banner.     They promise a future for then and for now we wake up to realize that is was for their fat cow.  We beg for our share for them to care but they hear us not I’m just glad we have our cot.    

 Written by,   Rob Casteel

Costume Forums and Political Science

Treats, and Trickster's ghoulish-ly 
entertaining the popular vote; 
immigration reform is on the ballot
once more, looking more like a 
menu dessert item, condiments 
cost extra.

Masks covered by masks,
Costume Forums, a masquerade 
masquerading day and night, dreams 
and nightmares. Knocking on my 
door with political propaganda as if 
my views were wrong for being 
different than theirs.

There is no US or THEM only YOU

and ME standing united, our fall

divided by a vote, which most live

and die for. The only vote that counts

is what the MAN says; voting is a

systematic approach to classify the

masses, labeled mindsets, puppets,

a trickster's treat.

Soulkritic® 2014©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't vote!!

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Unbound Faith

Faith is unbound by extremist pressure,
Lick the wounds of a liberal fissure.
The point-blank wound given an emissary,
A Soluble cure for the target preliminary.


A fast food chain of asphyxiation,
We give up hope for the stationary.
All falsehood gospels of visionary,
Cough and whine under political disciplinary.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Short, but to the point, I would think. 


The political leaders and the richest men, funding both sides of the war, so who  will win? Them, 

the ones controlling us like pawns, while the wars of the world are raging on.

So what do they gain since they already have it all? They watch as the population gauge quickly

falls. Sneak poison in our foods and disease in our water supply. Soon we'll start dying and not even

know how or why? There is no reason, just corruption and madness. Just another day in the life of a 

fascist. Brainwashing by the media, entertainment and TV screens. Making money off the poor mens blood 

while the rich never bleed. We sing songs of heartfelt compassion and unconditional love. While greedy,

evil men hate all of the above. Hell they even hate below, to the right and to the left. They even hate

themselves, that's why they create this mess. Misery loves company and they have none. Just money, fame

fortune, but at least they're slaves to no one. It must be nice being rich and free. Everytime we rest our head

they have another trick up their sleeve. Did you watch the news? Did you see the new death toll?

Do they have you where they want you? Total control. Don't rely on your government for everything.

Because then what would you have without them? Nothing. That's what they want, total domination.

Kings and Queens of ONE bullshit sovereign nation. Blood soaked hands hidden with lies and secrets.

Begging the masses to "Please believe us". Well we caught them more than once, lying to us and hiding

the truth. "All for one and one for all" is what they say, but there's no proof. Just pretend elections

for their fun and amusement. They know who's going to win, that's why they do it. Just another laugh 

in a book of evil fun. For they do control the bookmark, when the day is done. Plot, hidden. Antagonist, them.

Protagonist, us. Take the power back, IN GOD WE TRUST. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I suppose this should have been a "prose".

Sorry about that.

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Pardon for our Crimes


Don’t tell us what to say; we know what to do,


Voting for a criminal to slide in snake boots,


Your hissing and reprobation makes to silence debate,


No offering for a solution,


Creating problems, dressed in the art of rhetoric.


The word is that the war is left with right,


I’m ambidextrous and ambivalent,


With a mouth sewn shut, so I start a bonfire.




No lies can derail us,


A puppet’s wires spun, and spun.


Convince us of your reason; cannibals of national pride.


We work until our tendons become unravelled,


Victims of legislation, but our rights are read to us, forced to abide,


We seek shelter, but you offer a mass-produced following,


Your factory is industrial; we escape on digital enterprise,


The truth is what is mine is yours;


A criminal in a suit profits more that you, or I.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Old world poltics are falling apart. Left VS Right no longer applies - people's minds have expanded, information increased widespread. They're not serving their country, just wrestling to get back control.

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