An Echoing Truth

The Word of God

In a world of right and wrong, we have Truth, that echoes strong,

And from the world’s ancient past, God’s Truth shall forever last,

To be for men a guide and light, for discerning wrong from right;

God’s Guiding Truth for every need, when souls choose to heed.

God’s Word echoes loud and clear, as men of true wisdom fear,

God who reigns above the earth, who gives The Word true worth,

God, Who spoke this world in place, opens hearts by His Grace,

And with that Grace He will impart, Eternal Truth into man’s heart.

A Book, that many seldom read, has the Truth that all men need,

While others never even heard, the Eternal Truths in God’s Word;

Eternal Truths that man can trust, which were written for all of us,

Truth revealed to all the world, which all believers need to herald.

This truth’s more than knowledge of, The One who reigns above,

But what He had did for everyone, sending Christ, His Only Son,

His Truth, revealed to every nation, leads a soul to His Salvation,

When they come to Jesus Christ, that soul, receives Eternal Life.

Open The Word and you will see, Truth about our present reality,

And you will see through history, others pointing men to eternity,

How Godly men of old would tell, others about Heaven and Hell,

Knowing all are just one breath, away from Eternal Life or Death.

(Copyright ©06/2010)

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xio1818's picture

This poem is a work of art, very eye opening.