Are you ready for me?

Your eyes are red

I don’t think you see how things will be

Those little ladders fake your smile

And time slips by in just a little while

Now my skin is bare and you don’t notice… or care

When you do it’s crazy

Tell me to cover up like a lady

I want you to take me while you can

Show me you’re a real man

Look past imperfections

To the wonder and joy of my intentions

To love unconditional

This is irremediable

You hurt me when you turn those blinders on

And when I knew you weren’t there for that kiss

I am saying ‘baby, come on’

You’re just missing all of this

You admitted to not knowing much the first week

You were almost too messed up for me to blink

Afraid you’d mistaken me for someone else

You told me I was in school

That I was too young for you

For some reason this is all too cruel

‘I want to fight, I want to fight, I want to prove I’m right’

I am on the precipice of confusion

Lost in your delusion

Seeing what could be and possibly wanting it

Seeing what could be and running head first from you

I can’t stand these rolling hills

Your head nodding, popping pills

‘I want to fight, I want to fight, I want to prove I’m right’

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*claps* very good

*claps* very good