Lost love



I know we arent together, and you're no longer mine

but that doesnt change how I feel, you're always on my mind.

When I think about you, I am filled with such love

God brought you in my life, inspired from above.

The Thought of you, brings a smile to my face

and I never want you sad, and you look good wearing lace.

you make me feel; there's nothing I cant do

when we are together, I'd do anything for you!

Its hard to describe; all the feelings I feel

all I am sure of, is that these feelings are real.

when you kiss me, I experience a rush and a high

I cant explain it, so I won't even try...

all I am certain, about you and me...

is we belong together, and one day you too will see. 

I need you in more ways, then you can guess

but you need me more, not any less!

I'm not sure why, you dont want love in your life

but If I had my way... I'd take you as my wife.

you are the one thing; that makes me feel whole

You are the best thing in my life... I need you to know

One of these days, maybe you'll feel the same way

and you'll find any excuse to contact me each day


Paul (ChryWizard)  Posney ©02/03/2018

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Guide Me

Guide Me

By Jfarrell


I was lost

Without direction

Without objective

Without destination


I was nowhere

In the land of fools

Being led by the blind

Forever falling


From when I woke

To falling exhausted into bed

I was lost

And going nowhere



With the siren of the Siren

You called to me

And gave me a way


Your sweet voice

Whispers in my ear

Leading me over mountains

Guiding me through the deepest chasms


I am coming

As fast as I can

Call to me, guide me

Give me the wings and I will fly to you


My most wondrous Siren




Author's Notes/Comments: 

guide me

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"Naio I Know"

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


She'd text her grandpa, instead of "so long",
"Chow" unaware she was spelling it wrong

I suppose right then I should've known
A girl like her needs to be on her own

But I persisted because in us I believed
I suppose a wide-eyed girl makes a man naive

She said "love you" everytime we spoke
Like a broken record that I didn't think broke

The last thing she'd say to me on the phone
And when she would I didn't feel so alone

She'd say "love you" on our way to work
"I love you too", I'd say with a smirk

She said it again on her trip back East
And inside I felt an inner peace

I was so glad when she came back early
But my joy manifested prematurely

"Let's clear our minds of this excess
Organize and purge our clutter and mess"

She said "a storage unit for my extra stuff?"
I never questioned what wasn't enough

I chuckled "this won't all fit in my backseat,
Unless the storage unit is a penthouse suite"!

She said "love you" and packed more clothes
I was blissfully unaware of her plan to go

She said it again in our final embrace
Then said "goodbye" as a slap in the face

I wasn't prepared to not see her again
I suppose my life ends where hers begins

When words are spoken without any shame
"Love you" and "goodbye" all sound the same

The only thing I have left now
Is knowing she didn't text me back "caio!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Joy, 2016 

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by Jeph Johnson


You felt guilty in your innocence
Now you feel justified doing wrong
I'm overcome by our dissidence
As I compose this fatal song
There's an insidious assumption
Being whispered 'round the town
That you've consumed all our consumption
And you're no where to be found
That you're happy without having me
Content all by yourself
Well I've survived now you backstabbing me
And cleared off all our shelves
And underneath the cluttered mess
Beyond the torn down wall of trust
Lies debris destined for loneliness
That I'd rather just call "us"

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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"All-American Miss"

Rex Songs' Remixes

by DaddyO 

(with apologies to Don McLean) 


Once upon a time ago

I can still remember

How a princess used to make me smile

And I knew if I still had that girl

Her giggle would brighten up my world

And maybe I'd be happy for awhile


Unexpectedly one month before

I had watched the mourners mourn

As bad news filled my newsfeed

There was something more she needed


Oh I remember that I cried

Reaching out without her by my side

Her revolution touched me deep inside

The month after Prince had died


So bye bye all-American Miss

Drove her caddy past her daddy

Extra time and her kiss

And spry young boys who really couldn't care less

Still succeeded capturing my princess

Succeeded capturing my princess


Did you sing the "bubbly" song

And remember how I sang along

Those fleeting times you took the stage?

Your streets might now be paved with gold

But on Broadway you'll still grow old

Like the way the neon lights revealed my age


Well at least this place ain't such a mess

She made room for all my emptiness

She's packed away her glass slippers and her shoes

She really has no more time to lose!


She was a former teenage ugly duckling

Whose tail feathers I didn't know I was plucking

But I never felt so damn unlucky

The month after Prince had died


She was singing~


Bye bye all-American Miss

Drove her caddy past her daddy

Coming back from the sticks

The charming young prince put her down on his list

To awaken beauty with his kiss


Now for one month I've been on my own

The voice inside me clears his throat

But that's not really all she wrote

The month after Prince had died


Like that sunny day holding her hand

She scrawled "I love you" in the sand

Soon swept away by a rising tide

It won't wash away in my mind!


The words inside my happy thoughts

Are stained upon my crying cloth

With more unspoken pillow talk

The month after Prince had died


She stopped singin'


Bye bye all-American Miss

Drove her caddy past her daddy

It's all come down to this

She shattered her mirror as I cackled in fear

Now the fairest one of all is unclear





Author's Notes/Comments: 

2016, for Joy 

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you said you loved me, was that a lie
if it was'nt then tell me why
why you did what you did to me
I still love you cant you see
am I a fool, , for loving you
 what now my love, will I do
turn my heart cold as stone
face this life on my own
should I curse the day we met
should I give up and just forget
forget the fun we shared together
face the fact it wasn't forever
face the truth , that all this time
you didnt love me, you were never mine!
 If this is the fate thats meant for me
what will I do, what will I be?
I wish you all the joy I can
I hope you find happines, with the other man.
please forgive me, for any wrongs I've done
Please forgive me, for not being the one
the one you could love, forever and a day
for thats how I will love you, in every way...
So my love I guess this is fairwell
I'll remember you fondly, in the stories I tell.


© Paul (ChryWizard). Posney 12/08/2016

Author's Notes/Comments: 

life is saddest when the one thing you desire, cant be reached!!!

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Prophetic Nightmare

This anger inside has rattled my cage

I hide it in a bottle labled rage

I;m sick of its tormenting lies

As it pokes and prys

And searches for a release

It begs pretty please

I keep telling it no, but it gets harder with time

I grab a bottle of tequilla and fuck the lime

I drown my sarrows and shatter my memories

With this broken bottle I sever my arteries

Laying there feeling guilty, I let my soul leave

I sigh and mutter, I just wanted one to believe

My blood's thickening, please just cauterize

'Cause in my final thoughts I finally realize

I take a breath and start to fight

Don't give up, I can see the light

My wife and kids are there crying

Please stop, I'm not dying

Then I hear them praying a prayer

As I look down at my cold dead stare

Laying in my coffin, I know it's too late

But, then I wake up sweating, It's not my fate

I roll over to kiss my wife

She's not there, is this still my life?

What could've been

Sitting alone with you in the dark,

Intently staring, just waiting for a sign.

You lean over and our mouths collide.

An eruption of passion,

Quickly followed by self control.

Both wanting to give in, but knowing we shouldn't.

Playing a dangerous game and seeing how many lines we can cross.

The warmth of your breath in my ear,

The graze of your lips across my neck,

It's getting harder, I want to explode.

I quickly whisper, "Be careful, you don't know what you're doing."

But, you knew.

As our hearts beat in sync as our chests rise and fall together

You grip me with your legs and gently bite my neck.

Sweat is starting to pour.

My mind and heart is in a race.

I want you!

I need you!

You're begging me without words.

Why can't I give in?

I drive you home and say goodbye.

I turn around and drive away.

Leaving with only the memory of what could've been.

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A Beautiful Goodbye

your eyes are astounding

makes my heart keep pounding

your beauty is a miracle

your life is quite lyrical

your skin is as soft as a silk dress

around me theres no need to impress

just give in to my passion

i promise, ill show you compassion

give us a chance to begin

dont look for the end

dont't tear us apart

before we ever have a start.

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