Hey baby...

Hey there Baby

I see your smile

I see your love for me

Your my ever thing oh can't you see

I love you with all my heart

Oh baby can't you see me dreaming?

Here I am Waiting for you!

I look at you with a smile so great

I make your heart sink

Hey there baby when i saw you today

You played with me, and made me cry

I cried tears of joy

than you went away from me

looking upset, did i do a wrong?

all i want is for you to be here with me

and to hold me tight by your side

and to never let go,

Your a piece of me now and i need you

when the words i love you come out

i say them for a reason baby

Oh baby can't you see me looking at you?

I want to be yours for as long as i can be

Don't slip from me yet

I ain't done with you

And i won't be for a long while

You came along and saved me

from a great big dart

a dart to hurt my poor helpless heart

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Uhm, well.. This is from my old account.. And I made this back in 2008.. Don't judge. ;D

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