O let me bleed

Let me die

I would rather go away silently

Than disclose the names

Of my loved ones, my relatives

And some Brutus-like friends.

Money makes the mare go

Was a maxim I was taught at school.

They loved me for my earnings

The beautiful things I possesed

And the balance in my bank accounts.

While inwardly

They were waiting for my death knell.

They left nothing undone

Even invoking the devil and his creed

In getting me out of the way

As soon as they could.

With smiles on their masked faces

And hatred in their hearts

They robbed me of peace of mind

And made every day a hell

For my mental well being.

They have stabbed me in my sleep

One by one they did

And even wanted to kill

My loving pet dog

As he was trying to guard me

In my hours of nightly slumber.

Yes, they have all succeeded

In driving their spears, swords and daggers

Deep into my heart and liver.

I can see how happy they are

At having murdered me

In their cunning, conniving ways

And for what?

For money?

I can see their diabolical laughter

As they relent not and keep advancing

At me with greater venom

To cut my jugular vein

Or drive a poisoned dart

inside my wounded heart...

Yet I won't name them

For they are my very own

Flesh and blood and water

Relatives, kith and kin

Even friends and lovers

Who have shed my blood for the money

Even though I shared the most

Of everything earned, with them.

And never felt envious

Or jealous of whatever good things

God decreed for them through fate.

Yet they all struck me hard

Wounding me one by one

Like some fire-spitting

Venomous dragon

To silence me and take away all

Of whatever little I had

As heritage, bank balance, property.

I rest my case to God

The Greatest Judge of all

And the mightiest of the mighty.

But name my very own loved ones?

Friends, and kith and kin?

Never shall I ever stoop

To such a shallow sin.

Let their own evil eat them up

And may they in their own

Self-created hell flames burn.

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heatherburns35's picture

This is another great piece of writing....
Money fuels this world today..but when
this life is over money means nothing...
true love will last forever....enjoyed
very much....