I have this friend who's in much pain

I tell them they have so much to gain

Put the past in the past and let it all go

But they keep torturing themselves...

I just don't know...

I've felt what they are feeling many times

And I let them know the sun again will shine

They think that this is all a lie

That without that person they will shrivel and die

You must let go, I know it's hard

But once you do, you'll have a new start

You will walk much taller and feel much stronger

Maybe even meet someone and be together longer

This is to you my dearest,

I do not say this to offend or push

But to give you an insight on what could be if you try harder...

Just trust...

So, try...

Try for me to just be happy again,

Try for me to make your days great no matter what,

No matter what is bringing you down,

No matter what thoughts pop up in your mind,

Put them back...put them to the side...

I love you too much to watch you wither

You should be smiling and laughing and enjoying these days,

The days we share together, the smiles, the laughs,

The days by the pool, the inside jokes...everything

Put it all away and don't let it get to you,

Just know that it was not meant to be and don't dwell over it

You are too wonderful, too bright, too amazing to give up...

Please think about me when you start to fall under...

And keep in mind I love you...

I love you more than anyone else will EVER love you...

Do this one thing for me...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

You know who you are and I mean EVERY single word I said.  I know what you're thinking, don't think I don't.."yea right you're just saying all this, you're lying blah blah blah..." See I know you too well haha I love you...remember these words ok :)

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AWWWWWWWWWWWW!! Darlin', I promise, I will try. I love you more than words can say... Thanks... Definitely got me tearin' up over here... :D